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  1. There is ALWAYS hope. ;)Did you see the Negreanu random questions ?
  2. Does JG have a nick name yet? Pinocchio Gold has a nice ring to it...
  3. Theresa113 suggested we ask him something in Romanian. I felt like I should credit her too.
  4. Been a while since I posted so I wanted to let everyone who hasn't heard.... we are now updating 3 days a week. Monday, Wednesday, & Fridays.Lots of stuff coming up for our readers.. I can say there are various contests in the works. Should be fun.
  5. I appreciate the votes... the rest of you can lick little Freddy...I removed my posts because like the class-less child he is... Ron Jerko had to come in and troll the thread. Still upset over table talk what 6 months ago there little buddy? From what I can recall we got into it because he was running his mouth.. Donk this, donk that.. like your typical table preacher. If I also remember right.. I busted him. I might have to look the hand history up. Royal Tour and I exchanged words at the same table as well.. Royal to this day remains (from what I know) a decent guy.. We seem to h
  6. You guys rock! thanks..(quick bump before bed)
  7. post removed due to a couple of class-less idiots.
  8. Nevermind...It seems as if some of you are too young to vote.
  9. Nope... writer and creator.and some of my rant above might not make sense... I was too busy writing the reply to this post and a PM suggesting I should be fired. I mixed replies together.
  10. The general idea is that it will be a comedic approach to poker and comics. Give us time to establish ourselves. We are just now reaching one month since launch. We have done only done 4 thursday updates. 2 of the bigger strips done to grab at the emotion of the poker player.. more so myself than anyone. The first one and the "Dream Big" with DN at the table. Again if someone else can say "I can relate to that" then fine... the joke or funny in those is subtle. 10/2 looking at paycheck... Hellmuth crying...etc.. I loved the bluff beer one. Maybe the idea is a little dated as it
  11. Nobody better than Jon Stewart in breaking a moronic idea down to perspective.Thanks for the clip.
  12. Walk the beaches of Normandy!Italy would be my top choice though. I have never been but a friend of mine said most places can be reached within a couple of hours due to high speed trains. This goes without saying.. but TAKE pictures! And make sure you let us check em out. Have a great time.
  13. I never told you they weren't supposed to be funny. I said ALL comics are not meant to be funny nor understood by everyone. (general statement) If I could please everyone.. I would be a millionaire. Not everyone is going to like everything being done. Freedom is great isn't it!?We will be switching over to a M, W, F format within the next few weeks. It will allow us to open up the characters a little more. Right now a gimmick comic is really all you can try and pull off with a weekly update. An attempt at any sort of continuity would be lost in a few days as people's attention spa
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