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  1. well if you played at party than you wouldve immediately known what i was talking about. and if youdont play there, then this thread wasnt meant for you, thanks for not contributing as usual
  2. Does anyone know what happened to todays Weekly 100k Monster Freeroll? It looks like it got cancelled or postponed or something, cause i cant find the tourney anywhere on party.
  3. The poker room is slightly small with around 30 tables or so. Theres a general low-mid limit area right when you walk in. In the back of the room to the right of the cashier is a few steps leading up to the mid-high stakes games (where the big game used to be played). Bobbys room is very close to the low limit tables, straight down the middle of the room. You have to walk by it to get to the cashier. When i was there you couldnt even rail from outside of the room, theyd quickly ask you to move along. But a couple times i was sitting there playing 2-5 NL on the table closest to that room.
  4. you forgot the allpowerful Doug Lee
  5. are you referring to Sklanskys Fundamental Theorem of Poker? if so, then your completely wrong....
  6. omg, did i offend you by logically criticizing your idol poker player? im so sorry. your point proves nothing, obviously i didnt play the ME and obviously DN is a better player than me. but that doesnt mean others cant criticize his play. just giving my opinions that are founded on very limited info, and im well aware of it thanks just cause they are the final 10% doesnt mean they are the best 10%. but i do agree with your overal point
  7. im personally not impressed with the way daniel has played this ME based on the hands that are posted on cardplayer and the ones he describes in his vlog. i love him to death, but if he's not only playing but RAISING 90% of the hands preflop im not giving him credit for a hand EVER, so its really no surprise he got called. he should know that his bluff power is all but gone and im not so sure he was bluffing here...i just dont think his luck can last
  8. hey nixed, whats your pp screenname? i also just started playing omaha on there and im playing the same limits. my names bobbypncakes allright see ya at the tables.
  9. Im counting 13 outs on the flop....? 7 for the open ended straight and two gut shots worth 3 outs each. which is a great flop for OP. with 110 in the pot, no chance im folding here...
  10. i love how super rich people get discounts on everything. theyre the only people who DONT need discounts and freebies, yet all they see is offers for free/cheap ****
  11. hahaha, sounds familiar, almost like that happened on this site once before....
  12. In holdem, i understand you need at least 10k hands and maybe as many as 50k hands to get really accurate numbers on how your doing. since omaha has so many more starting hand possibilities, etc, does this mean you need way more hands on record to get legitimate results? or is this the dumbest question of all time... haha, if so how many hands is sufficient?
  13. im gonna be playin this. it seems like a lot of work for not so much money, but its so cheap to get into these freerolls. ive won 3 seats already for the weekly's just playing 6dollar sngs - ive played 12 so far...(since only 1st place gets an entry, why play higher...much easier to come first in 6 dollar sng than a 55 dollar sng. if youre playing for the cash, then play reg sng...right?)
  14. sorry tim, but i think youre totally overreacting. This is NOT collusion first of all. Like some other posters said, in the long run idiots like this could help you more than they hurt you by suggesting youre bluffing when youre not. happens to me all the time. and maybe you should consider not bluffing your entire stack away in the tourney....? i mean what did the other guy have. did he call you with Ahigh, or had he already made a flush, cuase that will tell ya if she possibly influenced his decision.
  15. one of the other HUGE factors of the lawsuit is something about the WPT illegaly contracting with the casinos NOT to put on other major tournaments, which essentially stunts the growth of big poker tourneys that the players are saying would be additional profit for them.
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