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  1. I might raise a bit more preflop OOP with a limper in the pot. Don't know if that's right or not but giving the BB 2:1 to call and then the limper either 2:1 or 3:1 to play with you in position seems incorrect to me. But maybe that's completely wrong, or not that big a deal as no one else mentioned it.
  2. qzarian.yeah I forgot it earlier I edited it in later
  3. depending on how many we had to do in what time frame I might do the 12.
  4. The real question is why did he have to try and convince you. You should have been applauding his play and trying to set up rematches.
  5. Just when you thought that punch couldn't get any better, someone found a way to do it.
  6. Your ideas are intriguing and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
  7. out 1212 or so. AK ran into KK fairly short chipped AIPF. GL
  8. Not so great hour in the low 1R1A dropped to 27k 380 or so to the bubble
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