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  1. hi, i dont wanna search it, can soemoen give me the final table. in order of finish, thanks. link or if you knwo them off the top of your head.
  2. im with you. He has almost has an identical personality to the late chris farley. i once heard chris farleys addiction problems described as pistons in an engine. once he got one under control, another would get t be a big problem. be his weight, coke, gambling. it sucks too, cause both were and are really good guys.
  3. the ole 19-1 chip lead comeback, well played. were you ribbing him during the comeback and eventual win?
  4. like the title reads john claims to have lost close to 60 million dollars gambling in a recent book. he supposedly plays $5k a pull slot machines. do they even have those at casinos. have any of you come close to a $60 million dollar loss? whats the msot youve ever seen anyone lose at the casino? i saw a guy go through about $50,000 playing roulette. this was at a smaller casino in southern california, so im sure someone can beat that toal.
  5. skip the casinos, hit one of the beaches down there.
  6. its a touchy situation for sure. remember this is a highly opinionated question. it all comes down to what your morals are. i personally wuold give them at least 5 minutes to get the computer back up and running. then steal that f*ckers blinds and get your money.
  7. i could be wrong but this doesnt matter whatsoever. all your really asking for is a higher point total. so the winner will win with 1000 points instead of 500 points. its all relative my man
  8. nope my sh*t just froze up. weird.
  9. you wouldnt even give him a little time to get his computer running again?
  10. i would do it pretty much like you, but lets not forget if i do play a heads up sng, it is probably only for about 10 bucks, so its not like anyone is losing substantial money. if he doesnt show up from the start id steal the blinds. if he disconnects during play, i would sit out for 5 minutes giving him time to restart his computer, then id steal. i would be too afraid of him coming back while i was on the pot or something and stealing my blinds.
  11. just finished it, pretty good read. i gotta be honest that i probably wont read it again, because ill probably forget about it. but definetely keep booking those winning nights. and remember when you lose, at least your losing at the borgota, im losing at a southern california indian casino.
  12. as much as i would like to agree with you guys, thus forcing an explanation, i think its going to be part of the show. i remember dnaiel saying soemthing to the effect of a "reality tv show" feel to it. perhaps they got "voted off the island" as it were.
  13. is the broadcast archived somewhere where you can watch it if you missed the live, or do i have to wait 13 months for the FCP team to shop it around to different networks hoping it gets picked up.
  14. DAMN, i used to go to that site like 5 or 6 years ago in high school, i forgot about it. good stuff op. please tell me she doesnt have a penis. anyways i keep losing drawign to inside straights and flushes. i should play straight and just beat her already.
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