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  1. take your time, after all you are a very busy person, i mean I could imagine waiting for months and months....
  2. he was being an anti semite I saw it.and it was awesome.
  3. pfft thats nothing, I JUST LOST WITH AA ALLIN PREFLOP!!!I bet Eddie has emotional issues.
  4. I really don't like you guys giving checky ideas like these.
  5. I think I played well for a NOOB but Checky obv was the favorite and he played great. Good Luck everyone.
  6. what sort of odds will someone lay me on the Checky match (scheduled for 4pm tomorrow btw)
  7. I don't really know about this broken window deal but I do know that the War helped pull the United States out of the depression I think there are 27 reasons for this but two of the major reasons had to do with the fact that there were two people in a household (for the most part) earning money and all the woman that entered the work force were producing weapons that the United States was using to arm most of the combatants in the war.
  8. so you really have no evidence that this is going to happen but when Obama gets his people into the FCC, and if people complain about conservative radio, and if the people Obama put into the FCC take these complaints seriously, and if those people abuse their power and decide to unfairly attack conservative radio for no reason at all.Seems like something that isn't an issue yet at all and just conservative people getting geared up to bitch about anything. Lets worry about things that are actually problems currently. I mean don't get me wrong I fight for Rush Limbaughs right to be an idiot on
  9. if it says you have to be silver star my guess would be No
  10. i really think you need to call this river. I mean I don't hate it but I don't love it. Against a player like this I think he is going to be make big bets with bluffs thinking he has too. Also he called in the SB so his range is really really wide here. What range are you putting him on?
  11. you can check call this flop and then fold to a turn bet, or you can c/f the flop. but yea I am going to raise this bet with almost every hand, also you guys are deep and you don't really want a big pot here.Also you mentioned he was slightly lose aggressive, has he been three betting a lot?
  12. it is only going to be worse now that they have been bought by EA. The only thing about blizzard is I can't think of a game they have released that hasn't been awesome.Did they ever release Ghost? I can't remember. Anywho if they don't release Diablo III or Starcraft soon I am going to go crazy. I have been waiting for i dunno 4 years?!? I gotta say the quality of the games is second to none... so I guess I will just have to put up with it.
  13. will do... upset of the century coming up! can we wait till you are running bad?
  14. yeah I think you definitely over played this hand I would probably just fold the flop, you aren't getting paid off if you hit another spade most of the time and with a coordinated board like that he could easily have two pair or a straight especially if he limped UTG
  15. i don't get minibet, but what was up with the J9? handCongrats on the score.
  16. ummmm gonna need a little more...
  17. I heard rumor that they aren't going to release Starcraft 2 until late next year at the earliest They are going to release Diablo III and wait for sales from that to die down before Starcraft 2... also they are apparently releasing all the game with two expansion packs simultaneously
  18. apparently i forgot to quote your post, but ya I will be in if you will have me.
  19. i just wish diablo 3 or starcraft 2 would come out
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