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    Going out..staying in, BBQ's, handholding, baseball, laughing, kissing, old movies, being creative, spicey food, the ocean, Life is full of chances..all you have to do is take one. I'm living my life
  1. Its lso PuppyLoves Birthday too! With the server being switched it just now showed up in the calander!!
  2. Game tonight Bacala..hope to see you there. Im going to catch the "New Moon" movie before the game. Im a sucker for them romantic vampire movies! Cali
  3. Should be a fun game tonight! Hey Rose! Great Birthday Game last night!! Met alot of real nice people. Cant wait to hear your broadcast tonight!
  4. CaliNaughti is in attendance!! Looking forward to tonights game!Get them all Rose!!Cali
  5. Hppy Birthday to a dear wonderful beautiful friend! Im so honored to be celebrating your special day with you! I hope you win every game your in and winn ALL the $10 bounties in your game tonight!!!Keep smiling Rose!Love,Cali
  6. and I can continue to make 3 word posts. Uh huh.Im really suprised at you guys, not he ones I dont now, but the ones I play in the Nego with.
  7. You know.. . I think you all except for a few have made a mountain out of a mole hill. I dont see any harm in what Raise, Ha has done. Making me a private game to celebrate my birthday. A 5.50 game. With 100$ worth of bounties out of his own pocket. I thank him for that.Have you ever wondered why the mod hasnt deleted it? Because this isnt a big deal. Its an invite to my 50th birthday game. Play or dont play, its as simple as that.Thank you Mark for putting this game together for me. Im sorry everyone flamed you for this nice thing you did for meCali
  8. Tonights game has a $5 BOUNTY on Top Gun. Top Gun has always been one of my favorite romantic movies. How about some movie quotes during the game? There will also be a special prize to the first person who can tell me Who said this " Is this your idea of fun Mav?" and What the situation was when he said it. Please give answer During the game!! No cheating! Kick back and enjoy this game. Invite your friends and lets party!CaliPlace: PokerStarsDate: Thurs Dec4 Time: 21:00Tourney: 124851222Buyin: $5.50 NLTHPassword: holdemfreaks
  9. Its open bar tonight. Margaritas, Blue Moon, Corona, Mojitos, Martinis..what ever floats your boat..a lil Sex on the Beach may do the trick. Invite your friends and lets party!CaliPlace: PokerStarsDate: Mon Dec 1 Time: 21:00Tourney: 124224609Buyin: $5.50 NLTHPassword: holdemfreaks
  10. Welcome to the Game. Knock someone out, THEY send you their $1 bounty. HONOR RULE APPLIES. Join the fun in tonight’s game and battle it out for the most bounties! Everyone is welcome to play!Cali PokerStarsMon Nov2421:00Tourney# 121791578Password: holdemfreaks$5.50 NLHE
  11. NLHE TONIGHT Welcome to the Sunday Game. Were good friends gather around and have fun. Everyone is welcome! Cali PokerStarsSun Nov2321:00Tourney# 121790890Password: holdemfreaks$5.50 NLHE
  12. Welcome to Thurs Night Confessional. Let Sister Cali send you to hell with a smile. Lets all laugh with the Sinners than cry with the Saints. The Sinners are much more fun! Heres your chance to confess all the sins you have commited such as sucking out on your friends and playing donk hands you shouldnt have been playing in the first place and winning and why the dog finaly came out of hiding once that woman moved! Remember...Sister Cali forgives everyone in her own lil way! Don't be shy now! Sister Cali PokerStarsThurs Nov20 21:00Tourny# 120837888Password: holdemfreaks$5.50 NLHE
  13. Happy BIrthday to a wonderful dear friend, Rose!!! May your day be special as you are! Have a wonderful day!Love, Cali
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