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  1. yah im in the same boat.. mine got revoked also.
  2. hucks a good player... but i think ivey has him beat haha
  3. might try and play in a few events.. WSOP or WPT... but not make it my main source of income.
  4. i have no idea who it would be... just wondering who you guys thought it would be.. if i took a guess i would say either ivey or williamson or whatever that dudes name is.
  5. i hightly doubt they will make it illegal, well i can honestly say they wont make it illegal. They will prolly do what you said and tax the hell out of it. because you know the government has to get there share. but agree with all the posts about staying home and just playing online poker, if you have the skills and a decent bankroll why not., like everyone else said you lose money just going to worj with these gas prices.
  6. yah 2k5 was good. but i think that the Ea games are a little better. yah you pay more but you also get more for your money i think. for instance you can't even compare espn nfl 25k with any of the madden series. EA just owns when it comes to sports games.
  7. sounds like fun! go tampa bay lightning! :-)
  8. went from 2.49 to 269 here in orlando
  9. all you can do really is just take the beat like a man. throwing darts, swearing, all that stuff is dumb. Its not going to change the outcome. just chill out and relax and play better next hand. thats just poker people.
  10. i think there both great players. But ivey is a great cash game player and a great tourny player. As brunson is a good cash game player and lacks playing in tourny.. so overall i would have to say ivey is a better player.
  11. Well i might if it were the 10k buy in championship at the series other than that hell no
  12. yes congrats DN! and good luck with the married life!
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