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  1. I thought you just railed and asked everyone for $5. You actually play???
  2. Pushed with a pair ona uncoordinated flop. Guy had called my pre flop raise with 96 and hit two apir on the flop.I'm so mad at myself for that as I know better.
  3. I'm a moron - I'm out.
  4. Yea, but I want to give everyone time to get there!
  5. 5200 for me.As I'm new to DS I've got to ask - is it to early for me to post asking for a rail call?SW
  6. And I thought you were being a jerk and was about to fire back! Couldn't believe you were saying to ignore HonH.
  7. Get Harrington on Hold Em. Best Tourney books that exist.
  8. This one is easy.JJ when you push all in preflop during a tourney.
  9. All right, I'm in. Never played this one before either, so it should be interesting. I seem to have been having more tourney success lately, so I want to see what happens with this one.
  10. I'm drinking AND playing a $3 rebuy on Stars. now that is fun!
  11. Thanks guys! My first "big" tourney win. I'm pumped! Even if it was just a $5 tourney.I was short stacked most of the day until I got to the FT, so that made it even sweeter!
  12. hoping i set him up - now i just need something in the sb
  13. Still four left - dropped to second in chips... dude chased a flush and hit. Always makes you happy. Should have pushed harder...
  14. Chip leader with four left. Tourny number 7512173
  15. You're right - having class will really stop college students from attending.
  16. I withdrew on Saturday afternoon and got the money in my bank account this morning. One full business day later - worked like a charm. To bad I'll never go back to them due to their lack of support for the U.S. players.
  17. Don't include Royal in we! I don't agree!
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