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  1. NYC

    Deep Stack

    And I'm out. KK vs AA for a 16k pot. Next hand i pick up AK. Guy raises, i put in my last 1.6k. He has AA....GL to the ones who are left.PokerStars Game #6817324289: Tournament #34146886, $10+$1 Hold'em No Limit - LevelVI (100/200) - 2006/10/29 - 15:07:04 (ET)Table '34146886 120' 9-max Seat #2 is the buttonSeat 1: Rockets79 (3290 in chips) Seat 2: wholl (9173 in chips) Seat 4: JustGenna (7405 in chips) Seat 5: tommmek (9180 in chips) Seat 6: asta2 (33417 in chips) Seat 7: Cleancut6 (3527 in chips) Seat 8: Panter03 (15348 in chips) Seat 9: HERO (9004 in chips) JustGenna: posts small blind 100to
  2. NYC

    Deep Stack

    Down to 5.8k. Moved to a new table, much more tight, time to start raising.
  3. NYC

    Deep Stack

    8k at the break. My QQ ran into a shortstacked AA.
  4. NYC

    Deep Stack

    Nice suckout tom! I'm at 10k now, haven't been playing any hands for the last 30 min.
  5. NYC

    Deep Stack

    Why?I'm at 9,400 right now, wildman to my right is donating.
  6. NYC

    Deep Stack

    8,185 at the first break. Scooped a 6k pot with AJ on a J high board.
  7. NYC

    Deep Stack

    Thank you, gl to you too. First hand i got dealt was QQ in the bb. Couple of limpers, I make it 110, two callers. KQ7 with two spades on board, no action...
  8. I’ve deposited at stars for the first time to play the 10$ deep stack today. I’m curious to hear what (if any) adjustments you guys make, when you play a deep stack tourney compared to a regular one. Flame away.//D
  9. Orlando Magic. Milicic, DHo, Nelson and Hill, doesn't get any better then that!
  10. From the players I've seen, Michael Jordan.
  11. Florida, of course. The team is intact so they have to be considered favourites. Tar Heels, with the addition of Brandan Wright, Tywon Lawson, Wayne Ellington and Deon Thompson, are going to be very good.
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