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  1. 7K at breakset over set two hands before break on a raggedy board
  2. Yikes!!!!I was geussing 17, at best...
  3. If you want a sex change, well OK, but shouldn't that be a different poll and new topic?
  4. You are again confusing people being amused with people caring.
  5. Translation - I'm a politician. I have the utmost resest for honesty and integrity and am horified that anyone would think otherwise.Note: the basis for my translations are completely pointless and factless, but I'm enjoying them never the less. Anyone who was so concerned about being talked about has to be considered mildly amusing, if not annoyiing.
  6. Transkation - I didn't like the results, so I misread and changed them. I should be a politician.
  7. LOL!!!!What does it mean if I find this really fuuny?
  8. I know... Foxwood saying that was just about like running into the back of a cop car. Oops, nevermind....
  9. Who is this Barry G guy who suddenly wants to act like he can paly?
  10. Who is this Barry G guy who suddenly wants to act like he can paly?
  11. Yep!Mr Kotter is doing good! Don't forget he was playing the world series when Doyle was winning everything and TJ was saying "Craps? How do you play that game? Sounds like fun."
  12. I hope that Mr. Kotter is really in third!Wouldn't you love to see the sweat hogs railing when he was heads up? "Hey Mr. Kotter, up Hellmuth's nose with a rubber hose" and "of course Epstein can't spell poker, he's Catholic..."
  13. No more money on stars... Just FT dang it...
  14. Huh??? Phil, is that you??? Who else could make so little sense?
  15. Just another example of Daniel only caring about the almighty dollar... A vegetarian shamelessly pushing a meat product for his own financial gain... Is there no decency left????SW
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