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  1. hmm.. dunno if there is a more quirky online community. talking about vegetables to try and get the thread off topic, hater lists, sucking an egg (wow, that's mature), and an army of zealots willing to agree with anything that daniel says. btw, because he's an authority on poker, doesn't make him an authority on everything. think about it
  2. ah ok, i thought maybe you were trying to parody the parody or something lol
  3. kwest4chips.. what possessed you to write another "parody"? haha seriously.. really need to understand that one first of all, pretty sure you don't need quotations around "me" unless it's you are somehow uncertain of who you are. looks like i'm finding more and more subconcious indications of the two pronged persona that is daniel. tsk...anyhoo, yes of course it has to do with the fact your a professional player also. i can't see why a person who wasn't a professional player would write anything about his blog, his fame is limited to the poker world and those interested in it. parodies, as y
  4. haha, why is it that whenever someone says something negative about daniel that an army of zealots come running from the woodworks... or perhaps mother ship is more appropriate. i mean, i didn't insult his ethnic heritage, i made an observational comment. he responded and then i followed up. if everyone just said, hey great job on that blog, then it wouldn't be very interesting, would it?
  5. haha please, admitting you were jealous of phil would be like shaq admitting he was jealous of kobe. the other players would rip him every time he got on the court. so that can't really be taken seriously. i was suggesting that jealousy existed perhaps in that hellmuth is becoming more of a face of poker than you, certainly by major commercial sponsers (i was pretty surprised ESPN would choose phil of all the players, to be honest, since he admits to not playing as much at high stakes). this is going to get redundant though because i can't argue against you about what you feel.. it simply app
  6. first of all, no i don't hate everything he says. i read the blog when it's about poker because i'm interested in the life of a pro player, but certainly not about the opinions of the player on subjects such as american idol and the NFL. I hate to quote blogs, but unfortunately i don't know you so the best insight i have is only what you provide. having said that, the following quotes from "without god i'm useless" would seem to support what i said:"I'm often irritated, jealous, venomous, spiteful, arrogant, mean, insecure, and all around unhappy." "At the same time, there is a price to pay
  7. haha if we reply to one another's posts so quickly i think we should just exchange AOL handles and keep going from there. i forgot you were a pro btw and don't simply watch the same shows that i do and hear them say that stuff. seem a little bit like a restraining order waiting to happen, but nevermind
  8. i'm glad i didn't waste my time in making the cut and paste replies
  9. I read hellmuth's blog before reading daniel's and I have to say that basicly hellmuth came off in his blog just as he does on TV, with a self-inflated opinion of himself. there wasn't a whole lot that i thought made hellmuth look any different than he does with all his antics and blabbing about being the "best ever," etc. Daniel's blog, however, came off as just completely spiteful to me... i mean he creates the image of the nice, laughable guy on tv, but quite obviously he tends to get jealous of other players easily. He even admitted to it in his "without god i'm useless" blog. i keep readi
  10. Ok well I play a lot of $1/2$ and $2/$4 and I've come to this situation repeatedly and lost a bit so I decided to ask what this informed community does. Situation:$2/$4 six handed game and you're in position with Q,J suited. An opponent raises to 3 times the big blind out of position and the table folds round to you. In this situation I make the call because I like playing suited connectors post flop. The board comes Q,2,9 rainbow and your opponent leads out for half the size of the pot. Now, here is where I've gotten into some trouble because I'm not sure whether to push or fold, and flat ca
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