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  1. Like a lot of people, I used to think he was a good character because he was funny and conversational but not over the top. I think he introduced the "chark" at the WSOP and since then it he has become way over the top. His antics aren't towards the other players, several times they are directed straight at the cameras. I'm sure he's a decent guy, but he probably has some ADD thing which makes him go too far once he's achieved some attention. Phil Laak seems tame beside Brenes - that's really saying something..... The big issue is that I, like a lot of viewers, have gone from being happy
  2. I'll still check who the guests are that they have on Circuit - but unfortunately the Circuit is completely based on who they have as guests. Friedberg and Singer, although both are probably better players than I am, neither is entertaining nor do they appear to have or provide any insights into the poker world like Gavin and Joe (Joe based mostly on info from Barry G.). I would listen to "the old circuit" or Poker wire even if they didn't have any guests because they're entertaining and insightful. This post is more about giving a shout out for Pokerwire and making a point to Cardplayer th
  3. Now that Poker Wire has their radio show with Gavin, Joe, and Scott - I probably won't be spending much time with the circuit. After listening to Poker wire I went to the circuit to hear their episode. I almost choked when I heard Konan Luce's intro and then Rich Belsky piping in. It really is bad, they're so awkward on the air it's almost uncomfortable to listen to. I'll still check who their guests are, but I'm now a pokerwire.com guy for the radio shows. In case anyone hasn't heard about it already....www.pokerwire.comI think that Cardplayer really dropped the ball on letting the team
  4. there is a significant amount of play early on in the tournament - so calling it a "card catching contest" would be slightly uninformed. Don't forget the value the players get in wearing their logos "full tilt, ultimate bet...." on TV.
  5. The host is terrible - he trys to lower his voice to sound cool and Belski keeps trying to repeat things like "the grinder...." in a voice like Sebok used to do. It's so bad, I was a huge fan of the show and the guys were entertaining, but now it's dry and boring. GET NEW PEOPLE.
  6. She's a good addition to poker - really, she is..... More Jtill in low cut shirts.
  7. Most of you have probably seen or heard about this. I found the link on Paul Phillips Blog. It's priceless how awesome Gold thinks he is - he basically says that he knew he was going to win the event because he's so damn good right now. And how he used all these "brand new and innovative techniques" that make him so much better than everybody. And as a side note, Allen Cunningham couldn't handle Gold, but Gold had a perfect read on Cunningham. He's so GOOD.Check it out http://www.bigpoker.ca/rounders Scroll down to the episode with Gold. It's worth the listen.Also check out Paul Phillips
  8. 1. Sharon Goldman2. Lance Funsten3. Danny Nguyen4. Tiffany Williamson5. Clonie GowenThis list can not be disputed. (Unless you know the names of some of the other "WPT Ladies Night" "competitors").
  9. this gets old because unfortunately a lot of people who say these things are doing it for PR reasons. Why not just donate the money after it's all over without announcing it? I hate PR moves, it's pretty convienient for him to do it now when the field is small and he can get some extra TV time and featurettes based on his "good will".
  10. I laughed when I saw Annie's clothes, I thought the same thing about her joining the army. Annie Duke is the sole reason my wife won't get into poker. She says that if she plays poker her hair and clothes might get "dukified".
  11. Read Paul Phillips Bog regarding this - switching to NLHE for the final table is not a new idea and the players agreed to it as well.... so it can't be that bad. It's not just a WSOP/ESPN idea that someone thought up. yeah.... I think they have cameras at every table.... (sarcastic wit there)
  12. are you serious that you watch this, then think THAT question?? I hate to say this buddy, but seriously, you're wound up too tight. You need to relax a little!
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