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  1. From a distance I thought it was Chinese food. When I got closer to take the picture I found that it really was fries he was eating.I had to time the photos just right because he was really wolfing them down.
  2. Univ. of Toledo RocketsI usually play online as "UncleTrick", UT for short. I didn't attend that school, but I got the hat!
  3. That's true. The players are pretty cool with the photos. Security jumps all over you if you use a flash (or a pro type camera) To be honest, I don't know who that guy was. But I liked his hat, my name being Rob and all!
  4. He's playing the HORSE event. At least he was when I took this photo 3 hours ago.http://tinyurl.com/ghttu
  5. Hello all,If you ever decide to go to the WSOP to get a glimpse of some pros, I'd definitely suggest going during the HORSE event (assuming they do it again). Wall-to-wall pros, very few regular Joe's makes it very easy to get some good photo opportunities. Any way, here is the link, check 'em out:http://members.cox.net/larosa9/horse/This one is my fav! What a table, Luske, Hellmuth, Matusow, Sexton. Poor Mike. It's not a great shot, I couldn't really get that close. http://tinyurl.com/qtvdm
  6. I agree with this 100%. Generally speaking, the west side of I-15 tend to have better neighborhoods than the east side. Although, there are nice areas in the east and bad areas in the west, generally Phil's statement is true.Also, an often over-looked area is the far North and North-west side of the town of North Las Vegas. However, the south, and eastern side of North LV are not so great.I own a home now, but when I was a renter I had good experiences with Camden Properties. They have several complexes all over town. YMMV.
  7. I've been using it for about 2 years and it has helped me immensly. The pro version provides the most useful analytical tools, but it's more expensive. It is not as extensive as Poker Tracker, but it does contain a lot of useful information to assist in determininig leaks in your game.They now have on online playing feature with a pseudo-economy to make the play a little more realistic. You still encounter some all-in cowboys, but it's 100 times better than any play tables you'll find at places like Party or Stars.
  8. Theresa, check your FCP private messages.
  9. Pink visor and all? I couldn't get around to the other side to see who it was. I assumed it was Daniel's protoge'?
  10. I had this exact same problem with my Linksys router. I had to change the channel because I was getting interference from wireless phones in my house and mostly from my neighbors wireless network. Linksys usually defaults to channel 6, change it to channel 1 or channel 11 and you should see some improvement.
  11. Pictures from June 27http://members.cox.net/larosa9/WSOP2006/index.htmlPictures from July 3rd.... http://members.cox.net/larosa9/wsop2006/index.html My favorites... Daniel says "Always pay attention to the table, even if you're not in the hand" http://members.cox.net/larosa9/wsop2006/sl...wsop06-022.html Daniel says "Always protect your cards just in case some tries to take a peek." http://members.cox.net/larosa9/wsop2006/sl...wsop06-024.html
  12. They can lose if they don't get to color up. For example,It's the time in the touney to color up the green $25 chips to $100 chips because the 25 denom is no longer needed. Blinds are 300/600 with a 100 ante, for instance.Everyone takes they're $25 chips and the dealer converts them to higher denomination chips. (aka "coloring up")So lets say you have $175 in $25 chips, you'd get one $100 chip and the other three $25 chips that cannot be converted enter the "chip race" against the other player's odd $25 chips.So you have 3 $25 chips, player B has 2 $25 chips and Player A has three $25 for a t
  13. Rob-L

    stu unger

    Agreed. Movie is half-assed. Dalla's book is fantastic.
  14. I think the greater skill is being able to use the search funtion before asking questions that have been asked and debated a million times in the past.
  15. ho hum.How about this one with the same set up?Old guy who has been married 20 years, and a young rich guy who has been married 5 years. Both are contemplating what do get their wives on their wedding anniversaries.Young Guy: "I think I'm going to buy her a new BMW. And, I think I'll buy her a Mercedes too".Old Guy: Why buy a Mercedes too?Young Guy: Just in case she doesn't like the BMW.Old Guy: I'm gonna get my wife a toaster, and a vibr ator too.Young Guy: Why the vibr ator?Old Guy: So if she doesn't like the toaster she can go f*ck herself.
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