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  1. Just cashed it out and it got approved
  2. I tried to cash out 600 via bank transfer last week and they told me they had "3rd party problems" and sent the money back to my fulltilt account. But then today the 600 showed up in my bank account too. Free 600 i guess haha this happen to anyone else?
  3. even late in a tourney this is an easy fold. you can push with 6s but calling is just terrible.
  4. a 7-buy in downswing is nothing to be worried about. it happens, expect it to happen, it SHOULD and will happen every now and then. Just make sure your frustration is not causing you to change your play. Stars is not out to get you, my only suggestion would be to increase the size of your roll, maybe say only play $5 if you have over $100, so that the losses are recoverable and dont hurt as much. I play with over 50 buy ins so that the bad beats dont hurt or get you off your game
  5. anyone watching wanna give most recent update? cardplayer is slowNevermind got it haha
  6. I disagree. A bet that big in early position is most likely gonna call a push. In these smaller buy ins you cant expect anyone with a king to fold this postflop after a bet of 810. Why risk your tourney life on a draw this early in a tourney? fold and you still have plenty to work with. I want a lot more than even money on a draw in level 2. The call preflop is questionable, not terrible though, but when you call these drawing hands you cant commit your whole stack on a semi bluff if your draw comes up. Hope that it comes up and that you dont have to overpay to see the next card, and in this c
  7. you are retarded. there is a VERY small difference in .5/.1 than in .02/.5. You've probably just convinced yourself of this. And even if you truly believe this, you've somehow convinced yourself thats its more profitable to play against stronger players, think about that for a second. I dont even know what else to say.
  8. in mtts your goal shouldnt be cashing it should be making final tables. I usually dont change my play much near the bubbles of large mtts except maybe a little bullying of super short stacks because most players aren't trying to just cash in the these large fields with steep payout structures.
  9. What name do you play under? My "gut" tells me to sit at your tables haha
  10. does anyone know if there are any fees when transferring using "bank transfer" withdrawal option from fulltilt to a wachovia account??? I know there isn't when going from wachovia to fulltilt but I've never used this cashout method.
  11. Bought a new Lexus IS300 with poker winnings at the age of 16
  12. I am a US Player and have been having trouble withdrawing from fulltilt. It only gives me two options:1. Ultraprepaid- I withdrew 200 to it to test it out and have been have a lot of trouble wiring that to my checking account. Has anyone had success with this website?2. Check by mail- Im only 19 and I'm scared to send them a copy of ID because I have heard of them closing accounts for players under 21 in the US, and I've also heard of fulltilt's checks bouncing...so has anyone under 21 (above 18) been successful with this?Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I really need to money that i
  13. Has anyone used ultra prepaid for cashing out on Full tilt? Just wanted some thoughts on it.
  14. I got my moneygram payment at Walmart today with no problems...thanks for the help!!!
  15. I think Im going to try and use this. Hopefully it will work. Thanks for the help.
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