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  1. I'm not suggesting that you listen to Loveline. Adam has a new podcast 5 days per week. He brings in guests ,and podcasts from a studio he built. I would suggest listening to these 2 podcasts:www.adamcarolla.comSept 2nd: Adam, Teresa Strasser and the newsSept 3rd: Adam, Teresa, and Bald BryanIf you like Adam, you will find that this podcast format is his best work so far, and it is completely unedited since no program director is running it. Also, you can listen to it any time of the day.Give it a try, and let me know what ya think!~ bun
  2. Why the hell would you listen to a show for years if you thought it sucked?
  3. Full Tilt went from having "3rd party check problems" to delivering checks via private jet! Cool!
  4. I'm going to convice you otherwise. Play some NL cash games instead
  5. Wow I got an extra $150 for my $1000 cashout. I guess you get a higher "bonus amt" for larger checks being rejected. hehe. I should have cashed out more
  6. Oops. Sry. New to the forum. I was just trying to find out if anyone else was having their cashout checks bounce.
  7. Ok, Thx Bob. I didn't find anything on the internets regarding a seizure either. Must be just a small Full Tilt payment processor issue that happened to effect me. hehe.In June, I thought it was some small payment processor issue, but then I heard about the huge Southern District of NY fiasco. LOL. I thought for sure a 2nd "screw over innocent internet players" scheme was on the horizon.
  8. Brags about cashout problems??!! I'm trying to pay some fn bills without the government stepping in and yanking my money back out of my Wells Fargo account.
  9. Yeah. I'm happy about the extra $150. I'm just curious about how large in scale the late August poker funds seizure was in comparison to what happened around June 10th with the Southern District of NY fiasco. Does anyone know? hey foldy
  10. Hello,I had this problem in June, when the government got involved with seizing poker funds, and it just happened again. Please read the following email dated 8/27/09. Has anyone else had this problem recently?You are receiving this email because there is an issue with your recent check withdrawal from Full Tilt Poker. The following transaction(s) are affected:03953912 & 039BBC17 totalling $1000.00.If you have not yet done so, please do not attempt to cash or deposit your current withdrawal check(s). Due to issues with one of our payment processors, the checks listed above will not be hono
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