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  1. Play better people. you really should be asking where the softest games areWhat's the fun in that? They play higher stakes.It's good that you're killing your local games. You are at least that good. (As far as the statistically insignificant sample you have provided shows.) Next, find out if you can beat the next level up. To do this, you need to build your bankroll.To build your bankroll, you should continue winning your local games and keep at least part of the money instead of giving it all to your wife so you can afford the higher stakes.Once you have enough to play the next level, st
  2. So, of all the people who play poker (online and live), what percentage do you think actually study the game in the way people here do?Just curious as to how good one can expect the general poker playing population to be. I know that most of my home game friends never study up on any of these things. A couple are starting to think "hey, I need to learn a little bit more."
  3. Anybody here take know of any good tutorials (print or online) in calculating probabilites, etc.?I took these math courses in college but can't find my textbooks to do a review. If you know the following terms, you know what I'm talking about:- combinatorics- 52 choose 9 = (9! / 52*53*54*...)- permutationsThanks. Never thought back then that I'd find such a practical purpose for all this.
  4. nope, if you knew that they were all live, the chance would be much greater. These numbers assume nothing. You only know 2 cards....48.74% <-----chance of pairing itHe already said that.He's taking issue with your statement that this assumes all cards are live (which is incorrect).If you know that all your aces and kings are live (i.e. they are not in your opponent's hand), then your chances of hitting are greater than 48.7%.
  5. $2/3 NLHE; $100 max buy-inI'm in SB with about $450. Player 1 limps from MP. Player 2 raises to $20. Cutoff calls, I call with AJ offsuit. Player 1 calls.Flop is: J95, two hearts.I bet $100. Player 1 folds. Player 2 goes all-in for $288 total.Cutoff thinks for a really long time. Eventually he folds.Since he folded, now I have to think. I end up folding too, putting him on an overpair.The original raiser shows AJ ; cutoff had AJ .In hindsight, should I have called? In reality, the fold was lucky because a rabbit hunt by another player showed a heart on the river.I have a better read o
  6. And I quote... Wow' date=' what a coincidence. I [b']love[/b] the Leafs! Umm, they play that sport where you slap the little flat ball around the ice, right? Yeah, they're my favorite team!
  7. Thanks. This was my thought process. The situation was easily avoidable by not calling the raise with the QT, but I had my reasons for doing it.I was wondering if there was any way I could have avoided going all-in after the flop. Doesn't look like it.
  8. Hmm... well maybe the structure isn't so bad, but the max buy in is 40x the big blind? I'm curious. Where do you play? All the places I go typically allow 40 to 50 times the big blind. The only game I know of that allows more is the big NL game at the Bellagio. (10/20, $600 minimum buy in)
  9. Your math isn't off, it's my memory. At the time I went all-in, I was over-betting the pot by about $10-15, not really that much more. There might have been more than a couple of limpers or more likely the raise was to $20. I played eleven hours that night, and didn't bring a notepad, so my fault on that note. At the $2-5 game at the Bellagio, you can only buy in for $200, no more, no less. Also, I understand the difference between tourneys and cash games and the concept of trapping people with the best hand. I did pretty well there the first night, but understand that I have plenty of ho
  10. Not sure if I played this right...2/5 NLHE at the Bellagio - I'm in late position, with about $125 in chips. I limp in with QT clubs after two or three other people also limp. The button raises to $15, the sb calls and I call (three people in pot). The flop comes T62 rainbow.I think about it for a second and figure, I've got top pair and a chip stack about the size of the pot. To protect my hand, I bet all-in.The original raiser folded, the sb (who had me covered) called with JJ.Blank, blank, and I buy more chips.
  11. How did suited_up do / how is suited_up doing?Edit: Never mind...just read his blog.
  12. I'm with you. If have a decent stack and feel I can outplay the rest of the table, I would let go of this drawing hand.
  13. Treasure Island. The only place I could find less than $300 a night; getting there Monday, the weekend was too expensive. How about you?
  14. Hey there,I've got a trip planned to Vegas for the 18th...I was wondering why all the hotel rooms were so expensive. Now I know. I'll swing by to wish you luck.From the short time I've been on this forum, it looks to me like you're one of the ones that have a shot.
  15. Yeah, right. It looks good, but this is totally short term.Let's see you do this over a significant stretch and get the same results.
  16. I think the key here is: But if you haven't played the thousands of hands you would be playing at the lower limits how do you think you will be able to jump into 2/4 or 3/6 and actually make a profit? Just because you read SS2? Given that you mostly play NL SNG's and NL tables, you will need to adjust to a limit game and its probably not the best idea for your bankroll to be trying to do that at a 3/6 table.
  17. Thanks dude. I think I'm going to shut up now (at the tables) until I can learn to concentrate and talk at the same time.
  18. Hello all. Thought I'd introduce myself to everyone as well in this response. I've been playing "seriously" for less than a year right now. I think of myself a year go and am totally surprised at how badly I sucked back then. This doesn't mean I think I'm that good right now, just aware of how much I've picked up. and how much more there is to learn.Anyway, I'm trying to build a small bankroll online too. Even though I have enough money saved up to have a correct bankroll for many of the live games, but would rather learn my lessons on the micro-limits online and move up from there.I've
  19. There's a reason it's called that, and I can relate.I hate AK.
  20. Hey Daniel (and anybody else that can relate),I've got this habit of chatting up all the people around me at the table. It just makes it seem more fun that way. I think you might know a little something about this.Anyway, my problem is that sometimes, I get a little bit to caught up and don't pay the proper attention that I should be paying. Not to get caught up in any details, but I've lost a quite a few chips by not knowing what the action was befor getting to me.What did you do starting out? Have you always been able to keep your concentration and chatter going at the same time or did y
  21. Well, we're all fish. Some are just bigger fish than others. Based on the games you play, you are definitely a bigger fish than I am.I like smaller fish. They give me their chips. I respect them for that and I wish they were all like that. :wink:
  22. Sorry...the "Poker Profiles" forum...can't seem to find it anymore. It used to be there, before the system maintenance that took place the other day.
  23. Sorry...why exactly would you want to tell him something like that?
  24. The worse play is explaining to the fish why the are playing badly. I hate it when I'm playing and then somebody tries to educate a bad player. Usually, they tighten up, sometimes they run away.I know, getting outdrawn sucks, but you'll never get your money back from them if you scare them off.-------------Please don't tap on the aquarium.
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