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  1. It's not even just that, because the difference between X in 46 and X in 47 is negligible (usually within 1%, for smallish values of X). Other factors can come into play between the turn and the river, some of which positively impact the probability and some of which negatively impact the probability.One such instance is the possibility of going runner-runner that is included in the turn probability, but not included in the river probability where you did not improve. For instance, suppose that you hold 6h-7h, and the flop comes 3h-8h-9s. (This is essentially the scenario that Daniel brings
  2. The $1.25's (as a 9-man) look to be Turbos, and I'm not sure if that matters. They look like they have $2.25's that aren't Turbos, for which you have 27 buy-ins. That would be a significantly smaller rake cut while still practicing some semi-decent BR management.I was never a big fan of the 9-man tournaments (my short-handed play leaves much to be desired), so I unfortunately can't direclty address that question.However, I did find the Stars $1.20 45-man tourneys to be profitable (in the micro-limit sense of the word), and I see that Tilt has some 45-man tourneys available for $1.25.Some sta
  3. I actually played a couple sessions there while on vacation, but didn't get a great feeling about whether I was playing most effectively.I did notice a few trends about this particular game in both sessions:(1) Players tended to limp a lot preflop. Raises preflop were almost always to $11. Most limpers would fold to a raise, but once the preflop raise was called once, nearly all the limpers would call also. I never saw a 3-bet preflop. (There was one player there the second session who almost always called the reraise, who happened to be seated three seats to my left.)(2) Tables were pre
  4. I sometimes play a 3-6 limit game in town. I recently went on vacation, and found a 3-8 spread limit game. I'd never really played spread limit before, and so I really wasn't sure how best to play it differently.Any thoughts about how a 3-8 spread limit is significantly different than a 3-6?And also, does anybody in the Seattle area know where they spread a 3-8 spread limit game? Admittedly, I was pretty clueless, but it seemed like most of the other players tended to be more clueless than I was.
  5. If the OP were looking at buying a house, I would be similarly inclined to recommend against purchasing one given the debt situation at this particular time.The difference that I see is that OP already has bought a home, and I think selling at this particular moment in time would be a bad choice for him:For one, psychologically, many women look at a house as something that they develop and nurture into a home. It's something that really can't be done with an apartment.For another, let's look at some of the financial aspects of his situation. In the OP, he claims that the value of his house w
  6. I think the term "child care" got renamed "child support" and now some people think the OP is getting/has been divorced. As best I read the thread, this is not the case.
  7. Sounds to me like you're in some kind of ARM (maybe a 5/1?) with your mortgage.A couple of other thoughts occur to me here, then:What's your interest rate at? Is it possible to perhaps lock in a fixed rate? It might not be a good idea to let the interest rate keep escalating on you if this is the case. Are there other kinds of loans that are out there that you have? I'm thinking about student loans, and while I'm not immediately sure what your options are with these, I know a guy who rolled his into his mortgage payment somehow (saved him about $50/month). By the way, I found this link abo
  8. I'm going to slightly disagree with the previous posters, having played both and moved back to play money due to the laws in WA. (I know, what are the odds they catch me? It's a bad beat I can't afford.)I would say that your average high stakes play money player is probably about on par with your average microlimits cash game player. There are obviously exceptions to this, but it's probably pretty close.
  9. Where was George's hand with the chips?If it was clearly in view of the table, perhaps riffling the chips in some way, then the chips are in play, and Magnus should pay.If it was not clearly in view of the table, then the chips are out of play, and Magnus should not.
  10. Yes, clearly, I waited for you to post, then rattled off as much as I could in sixteen minutes to mimic your post.The major difference between our two posts is the tone. While I agree that desperate times call for desperate measures, when you have a family, you have to couch these measures in terms of things that will keep your family on board. The last thing that you want to come out of this is divorce because you acted like a jerk.There are some suggestions that don't overlap. And in this kind of thread, there is going to be some overlap. So honestly, knock it off and try acting the 23 y
  11. Here are some of the things I've done to keep myself from getting into debt on a teacher's salary, and then to help me accumulate some "extra" cash once my wife's job started paying more than mine did. Some of these may be things that you've already thought of, but just some ideas to keep in mind.(1) Many bills are somewhat seasonal: for instance, my electric/gas bill is significantly higher in the winter when it comes to heating the house than in the summer when it comes to cooling the house. When you can, use the discrepancy to work on paying down your credit card. For me, it's nearly
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