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  1. I didnt make it to this years WSOP, but last year I was fortunate enough to end up at the Ultimate Bet Party at The Rio's VOODOO LOUNGE.Free Bar all night, The Dan Band playing and also got to meet The Devil Fish, Hellmuth, Dave Collclough, Freddy Deeb, and Annie Duke. The only thing that came close to this was the daily antics in the Ladbrokes lounge with Marty Wilson on a daily basis.I only have fading memories of the above to cling to from last year. So what did any of you guys get up to this year. Would love to hear some stories of Where, What and Who!
  2. I don't know about you guys, but I have money stashed all over the place, in too many On-Line Poker rooms. I have a folder on my desk top with almost 2x dozen with money in them all.Over the last few days I have gone around trying to cash out and consolidate more of my bankroll into one or two preffered locations. Given that I'm a UK based player and have exchange rates to consider when putting money back on my debit card, I came up with the following plan that I had to have at lease $50 before I would cash.My usual haunts have always been Stars and Full Tilt. VC Poker was also a favourite
  3. BACKGROUNDOK... Here's my situation. I have had major internet problems over the last 2 weeks and this wont be resolved for a further week or so. My connection keeps drifting in and out. So I have stopped playing 'Real Money' ring games and SnG's as a crash at the wrong time cost me.Therefore, I have started playing Play Money against the maniacs. I have gone from 2000 chips to almost 700,000 ish in that time.THE SCENARIOPlaying SnG's and Ring games working my way up the level's i.e not risking more than 5% of my Bank Roll in anyone buy in. I found that playing tight and getting my money
  4. FACT: Both are beyond your Bank Roll.My choice play in the WSOP event. You will kick yourself with the what could have been. If you have clocked that up from $200 then your running hot at the moment then give the big time a shot. Lets face it it go back to Vegas any weekend and the $500 ish tournaments will always be available, but the WSOP is once per year.Personally, I'd leave $500 in you bankroll and take the rest vegas and write it off not as poker money but as holiday money. (sorry US translation - vactation money)Whether you use it all or part for poker, buy some drinks see a show,
  5. I have kicked around on-line poker rooms for many years and played live both in the UK and Vegas.On my live games I have played the lowest $1 single BB at Excalibur with each round Capped at $12 and $1 - $2 NL at MGM. Far from it being a pure poker trip, mainly a family holiday or break with friends, I rarerly had more than 3 or 4 hours sessions. So over 3 visits have never broken out of the comfort zone of these 2x games.However, with a visit on the horizon and more time on this occasion for more hours at the table I would like some advice on how much I should buy in for. The reason I say
  6. In the UK this is known as 3 card brag.The rules can vary a fair bit. Here are the one I have played locally to me.3 of a kind being higer than a straight flush. 3 of a kind is known as a prial and 3' 3's is the highest then A's K's down to deuces. Then the hand rankings go flushes, straights, pair, high card.You can call a blind man. Ie someone who doesnt look at his cards.So if you bet $1 blind you would either have to raise or put $2 in the pot at which point I can either look at my cards or bet again. Only when I look at my cards does the betting stop.If all players look then there is
  7. Every Tuesday evening see a regular game that I attend called 'Poker in the Pub' Some fellow UK members may be aware of this free to play in league.Usually we get 11 - 8 players per week. Some pubs get more but ours has always been an SnG format.There is one player called Tony or as we now call him 'Tony 2 Cards' He will play any 2 cards from any position for all of his chips. Is he the next Gus Hansen.... No. Is he more fearless than Phil Ivey.... No. Is he a master of playing the player rather than his cards.... NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOO.After the second season of the 12 week league he stil
  8. Hi all,I havent posted on this site since November last year. Through one thing and another I have been really busy. Couldnt believe the changes. Glad I signed up to be a charter member though just before the deadline!!!Anyway, im from the UK. I usually visit vegas for 2 weeks each year and did so in back in March. Last week one of my 'Home Game Poker Buddies' won a 1100 player free roll on Stars held by UK's Poker Player Magazine. And as I only have to find a flight (and my better half gave me permission )as I can stay in his room for free.So im going to be a one man cheering section
  9. Like most poker hands play the opponent not just your cards.If your opponent is agressive and likely to bet on the river if you check then Im checking all day.It can also work later if you have a marginal hand. You check the river. You opponent may not bet as they fear you are sat on the nuts again or a better hand than them.Its easy to stumble through a whole host of scenarios like these. Watch the opponents at your table.However, in NL Holdem, if I had the nuts and on the river and I had to do one or the other Bet or Check for ever more. I would always bet the river. Either half of or t
  10. I would rather play a cash game any time over a SNG. Playing mainly $1/$2 tight aggressive play rules the day. On the site I mainly use (VC Poker) I find a 6 seater table where most of the players have brought in for the table minimum of $40 I sit with $100. The turn over of players is high. Just playing good hands, position and being aggressive in the right spots makes me a pleasant poker income.Often marginal hands get called down and the weaker players have no real concept of a strong kicker. Many times I will win with top pair top kicker. Just avoiding the all-in merchants and hidde
  11. Wait just a gd minute now! This is his first post?!?11! It's so well thought out. Everybody knows that Daniel responds personall to all business ideas on the forum. Especially brilliant ones like this. There is no way that such a well constructed post could be made by a newbie. Post of the Fucking Year.Its nice to see having been away from the Forum for a couple of months nothing much a changed. Dumb Ass post followed by cutting replies pointing out the posters short comings!Gotta love it! Glad to be back!
  12. I never ever play multiple tables. I just make too many errors. When I first started playing on line I made the odd miss-click, but its rare I do it now.However, after trying to play 2 tables I found myself calling more than I should and also too many checks, just because it was the easy no-brainer play to do for speed. Rather than folding or raising.
  13. It feels like im already married, just need the thumb print to be tatoo'd to my forehead and im done!Glad to hear from you!
  14. Well its a pop art-ish version of a picture of me. Glad my face annoys you! Love you too!
  15. Hi all,Thought Id post this one here just in case I got shot down in flames on the main board!Anyway after a good 3 or 4 months off the board Im back!!!So who has missed me.... OK no one.... but heres a brief update on what I have been up to.Went to Vegas for 2 weeks in July. Got engaged. And won some easy $$$'s playing $2 / $4 no limit at Excalibur. (Just to fund my better halves slot addiction!) Started my own poker web site earlier in the year but havent done much with it, but dont promote it here as a matter of etiqutte. But like I say I need to put loads more into it, but hope do s
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