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  1. God Bless and thanks for talking about your faith. It helps more than you know.Sorry for being too hard on you when the ugly stuff comes out, not that you would ever remember who I am or what I say.
  2. let me help you out. YOU SAID "It's JUST, yes JUST, my opinion" I said no, it's not JUST MY opinion. Do you see the difference? As far as your last post regarding take it for what it's worth. You're border line obsessed to respond to something that was clearly no directed at you.Good luck with the English lessons.
  3. look man, I've followed your career for the past 4 years back to the Mark and Tina website. You've made poker a lot of fun and have created a way for a shmo like me to share in part of your fun, so thank you. However, the constant attacking of people in your blogs has rubbed me a little wrong and I'm just giving you some feedback Take it for what it's worth.
  4. the argument is that they exploit people like William Hung and others, so why not have fun with the show. It's not a true talent competition, but a reality TV show. That is a compelling argument, but not one that I subscribe to.
  5. We can't understand it because your writing was sloppy at best. What's so difficult with admitting that you could have made your point better than you did?
  6. true, but before criticizing people for their reading comprehension, maybe he should look in the mirror and consider he doesn't write so well.
  7. actually, it's fact it's not JUST my opinion. Nevertheless, Daniel likes to confuse his opinion with fact. I just wish he would weigh all the facts before commenting.
  8. Though I would never vote for the worst, votefortheworst.com makes some pretty compelling arguments. Read about them which gives you a good idea of why they do what they do. The following is a link to information that supports their argument. http://www.votefortheworst.com/node/33
  9. That's not a fact Daniel, it's your opinion. Using the terrorist comparison DOESN'T HELP make your point. In fact, it destroyed your credibility.
  10. absolutely not true. American Idol is first a reality TV show before it is a Talent Show. Plenty of exceptionally talented singers are not allowed an audition.Try atleast hearing the otherside of the story by visiting votefortheworst.com.
  11. I saw a movie that said everything was going to be ok.
  12. Nice blog Daniel,I never post but read your blog quite often. Just in case you don't know your faith has been obvious to many of us. It's great that you're at a point in your life where getting closer is important. Read his word and do what it says. Get better at following every year.Here's a link to a website that has helped me go to the next level in my spiritual life. www.wayofthemaster.com Do you have a PO Box because I would like to send you some really good uplifting DVDs.
  13. You better start winning because the last thing I need to hear is that the advice I've gotten from you over the years sucks.
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