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  1. Reguardless of how much money value to you the call was on the river, it was correct. You were getting dealt enough odds and it made poker sense to call. If it hurts you to call all-in with such a good hand, you're playing in too high a limit. Anytime I'm confident but i look at the money value of a call i realize I'm over my head. But you knew that, you took a shot and it didn't work. Played the hand great though, only thing is i might have been more aggressive before the river with the flushdraw out there. That's when you can't slowplay it as slow.
  2. yea dont feel you have to call cuz you already are invested in this pot. It's not always the case the button is bullying and isolating the blinds by raising. I wouldn't call with something so marginal, but in that same situation a re-raise with something decent is always a good play to take control of the hand.
  3. Been playing pretty seriously for about 7 years and have never gotten one. I want a frickin royal flush story!!
  4. I'd say you had some good cards comin your way to only play for 90 mins like that. As far as the play you noticed, expect it almost everytime...however do not expect cards like that. Folding and folding and folding gets annoying when you know you're paying $6 session fee every half hour.
  5. I dont like the turn or river.....bet out quickly on the turn as if to want to get rid of people, itd probably get you a couple calls, Id bet maybe a little less than half the pot or so. River: the 40 bet can and did induce an all in...therefor knowing the player you thought itd work, so nice job. In general a value bet should be a little higher than that. Nice hand!
  6. nah yea he's right, it was like that last time i went there. Thanks alot for all the replies, i forgot how useful this forum is.Also, this may just be an opinion thing but with suited connected broadway, are they playable not only late but unraised middle position as well? Lately I've been feeling guilty playing QJ J10 suited mid position
  7. I know it sounds basic as hell but its been a while since ive been to the casino... I'm leaving in 2 hours to go play some 1/2 NL $100 max. Any quick tips for a low limit NL game like this that you guys find useful?
  8. lol the hellmuth bashing never stops does it? he's a solid player who just has a crappy personality. but interesting point on the curse/jinx...we'll see if it happens again in another issue.
  9. whats up guys, its been a while since ive posted, just wondering whats the best code to use now on my reload, thanks a lot.
  10. haha did this really turn into a conor oberst post
  11. lol whoa 23!!!ill go with the crowd, Oh yea! Well i got a 31! haha.
  12. o god, a buncha rumors that start off with i heard... its like highschool again. if you dont know for sure, don't drop names.
  13. i love the older guys who are like regulars. they always can tell a great story. I agree with the poster who mentioned mid 40's buisness men who don't know jack. their easy as hell.
  14. He has an OESD, not a gutshot.Actually, I think I really like this play - given what wrto said about the BB, he could easily have just a pair of nines or fours here (unless he would get scared of the second overcard and not bet the turn with those hands).Such hands (or a weak pocket pair) would have a tough time calling the turn raise. It's a semibluff/value-raise because he's not totally sure he's behind (if he's ahead, then he wants to raise for value here).Plus, it got him a free showdown.oh wow, changes alot of my opinons than, didn't see the 9. read too quickly, my bad.
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