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  1. Here's a hand that happened in a live tournament and I think I butchered it. It's been pretty standard to have 3-4 limpers in a pot. Post flop play has been tight. Any advice greatly appreciated:Blinds 25-50 8 HandedHero is BB with about 1700 in chips. MP1, CO, SB all call. Each has 1000-1200 in chips.Hero has Qs-10c and checks.Flop is A-K-J rainbow. SB checks, hero???
  2. Call with AA or KK only. There's lots of math to back it up if you need to see it...
  3. Is it possible OP is reading too many books and is:1. playing way too tight and predictable and/or2. seriously overanalyzing every action of the other playersOne of the biggest things I found about the different books I've read is that they assume your opponents know what the hell they're doing. My experience online (granted it's much less than most of you) is that the play is pretty straightforward and terrible. Big bets mean big hands or big bluffs. Checks mean they've got crap and they'll fold to a bet or chase some ridiculous draw (gutshot on the river or draw to a 6-high flush). At
  4. Yes I would have loved to play longer, but they opened up a 2-5 table and 6 of the players left. The other 3 that were left had just sat down so I figured it was time to cash out. I played very agressively and saw a lot of flops. I caught a couple good breaks, flopping bottom set against top 2 pair, caught the nut flush when another guy made 2nd nuts and I flopped the nut straight when another guy flopped a set, and those paid off very well. The biggest mistake I made was only buying in for $100. I doubled up on the nut straight but I was still at $140 when that happened. On the other 2
  5. I played 1-2 NL at a local casino for the first time this weekend. I played for about 90 minutes and finished up $450. Most of the other players were incredibly easy to read and I could make pot size bets with my monster hands and count on at least 1 caller. Is this just beginner's luck or is this kind of play common at the lower limits in live games?
  6. Leelenau Sands by Traverse City is 18+. I'm not sure about their motel rooms but are lots of places within a 20-30 minute drive so you should be able to find something.Poker room is a total donkfest. They usually have 1-2 and 2-5 no limit and 3-6 limit and a tournament every day except Monday. I was up there this past weekend and I wanted to try the Sunday tournament. Was late getting there so I missed the tournament but I played 1-2 NL for 90 minutes and I was up $450. Calling stations everywhere, people call pot size bets with gutshots, raise with tp/wk. Then they opened up a 2-5 NL ta
  7. I also got Gordon's Little Blue Book for Xmas. It was excellent. Full of real life hands, and he explained all his decisions in the hands and why he made them. He's a little looser than I am, but it was easy to see where the key decisions in the hands are. FWIW...I fold here. You should be able to make top 7 without taking a risk this big.
  8. It all depends on your table. Often it is around 3BB, sometimes 2 will work and sometime 5 will get 3 callers. Also, if the blinds are 150, try raising to 441 or 468 sometimes. There are a lot of people that can't do the math right and make bad decisions because of it.
  9. First hand: Push pre-flop. Good chance villain folds or calls with weak ace.Second Hand: Bet the flop. As played...TERRIBLE.Third hand: Initial raise was too low. Push here to keep the villain out.It looks like you try to be agressive pre-flop then give up when there's resistance. I do the same thing myself and it's hard to get away from...
  10. Hand 1: I like to reraise 3x the raise add the size of a raise for any callers, so I'd probably go to 1200 here. With your stack size, I don't think a push is unreasonable either. There's a decent amount in the pot and you may get a call if one of your opponents puts you on a steal.Hand 2: I don't think your stack is big enough to mess around with on 10s. If you had say 3500, you could make this play. Depending on my read of the villain and the BB, this is push or fold for me.
  11. OK I see where the reasoning was bad, I was just curious to know if I'd broken some rule I didn't know about. Sounds like I didn't, so that's good. BTW since I've started reading the forums here, I've played 5 times, won 4 and bubbled once (I'm up $350). I owe a lot of that to the posters on here. You guys have really helped me get beyond just being a break even player. Thanks for all of the good advice!
  12. OK I'm new here..can you please explain what fold equity is? I was aware that the pot odds were favorable even though I was holding trash. Also, I wasn't specifically dumping chips...I just didn't care if I tripled up the short stack since my stack was so large in comparison.Interesting that many of you say this is cheating. Isn't it common for a group of players in a tournament to agree to split the winnings among the group or to stake other players in the tournament?
  13. This happened at a home game over the weekend. There are 3 players left. The button is an ok player, I'm the SB, the BB is a newbie.Chip stacks:Button - ~6000SB (me) - ~18000BB - 1200Blinds are 500/1000 so the BB has 200 left after posting. Button limps. My hand is 48o. I like my chances heads up much better against the newbie, so I push all in to get the button out of the hand and triple up the short stack. BB calls and button folds. We show the cards and the button accuses me of cheating. I say it's not cheating, I can do what I want with my chips.Thoughts?P.S. flop was 4-4-8 and ru
  14. My bad...stupid hand history left the cards in there. No, you don't know the cards before hand (although it will let you turn that option on).Has anybody else used this software? I picked it up for $10 and I like some of the options, but I don't know if it really helps your game.
  15. I think the flop bet is bad here because it doesn't look like anyone's going to fold and you likely don't have the best hand. Check-raise is a good option, but I would lean towards check-call. You're going to get paid off if you hit your hand and you don't lose much if you don't.Early in the tournament the donk level is high. When you have the best hand bet more, when you have the worst hand bet less.BTW, I really suck at poker...so this may be the worst advice you get.
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