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  1. "The guy so mad, he call me with jack high. JACK HIGH!" - Ellix Powers
  2. I prefer having chips and cards too. If you like this you may as well not even leave your house and just sit at a comp.
  3. I think you can on FCP you can make your own table
  4. Jeez i didnt realize everyone in the world has a blog!
  5. Well it will be much better then the San Remo that place was lame!
  6. yeah the structure was very good.. Should be a fun season
  7. Ask DNA what 400 chips and a chair is like!
  8. Here is a jennifer harmon article from full tilt which has lots of good ideas!Lesson: 8Should I Stay Or Should I GoJennifer HarmanMay 9, 2005 Being a winning player isn't only about playing good cards - it's also about making good decisions. And there is one important decision you face every time you sit down in a cash game: Should I quit, or should I keep playing?When should you keep playing?I see so many players playing short hours when they're winning, and long hours when they're losing. It should be the other way around. When you are winning in the game, at least a few of the other players
  9. This is going to be awesome i cant wait to play tommorow!
  10. I think listening to music is the only way i can keep myself drom getting bored after playing lots of hours
  11. yeah FCP support is very good! I have talked to them twice now and they have fixed my problem in seconds and have been very nice!
  12. Mcs1024

    paul phillips

    Seeems to be a little Kooky but i think he is a very good poker player
  13. If you have some free time this is a kinda funny thing to do!http://www.tilteddonkey.com/Personality/pe...onalitytest.htm
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