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  1. Thanks for the help. Yeah, I would be suprised if DN would be willing to give me info on underground games...even if he knew of them.
  2. Thanks Weishan. Graduated 2002. I don't suppose you know of any games in the area?
  3. Alright...my estimations were a little off. I am moving to Grand Rapids (mildly populous city in Michigan standards) and according to Yahoo it is 2 hours and 37 minutes to Hammond and about 2 hours and 30 minutes to Windsor. Either way, it is still a crap shoot between the two.
  4. I am not sure what I didn't like about Greektown, I just remember leaving there unstatisfied. It was probably about 3 years ago and I was so young and immature in my poker life that there probably wasn't a good reason. I remember I finished just about even after about 3 hours of play.I would definitely be up for a get together sometime. Obviously it is a little longer of a drive, but there are enough things to do in Detroit to make a weekend out of it, at least on my part.
  5. Thanks Phlat. Luckily I knew when I came to Vegas I would probably end up going back to Michigan, so I kept all of my warm clothes in a box in my closet. Weather wise I am leaving at a great time...we hit the upper 80's here yesterday and I sweated my *** off walking around yesterday and Michigan just got into the mid 60's this week, which is perfect weather there.
  6. I will be living in Grand Rapids. I have actually been to the card room in Greektown but I did not care for it much. I have also been to MGM in Detroit, but I only played table games.I lived in Grand Rapids about 2.5 years ago and was never really able to find an underground room, but I am sure you are probably right now with the poker boom over the last few years. Thanks for the idea.
  7. Well, today marks my last day living in Vegas. I fly out Monday to start a new job in Michigan. My plan for the weekend is to hit up all my favorite card rooms. Probably MGM, GVR, Monte Carlo, Bellagio and then I will probably try out the new Venitian room.I am going to head out tonight around 8 and probably try to put in a 12 hour session and then the same thing on Saturday night. And if I get bored on Sunday evening...probably go play again.This is going to be a good move personally, but a tough move, poker wise. Instead of having 5 casinos within 15 minutes, the closest in Michigan wil
  8. I have lived in Vegas for about a year and a half and have been to most of the card rooms on and off of the strip. The only time I have noticed a "lower" limit mixed game was at the side tables of the WSOP. And by lower, I mean they were still playing 50/100 or 100/200.
  9. Nice...quoted two people in one quote. Very impressive.
  10. What the hell does that even mean?Wow, I didn't think that was too difficult of a concept. It means I am not in the Marketing department...not in the Sales department...not in the Production department...not in the Shipping/Receiving department. I am in the Information Technology department...the guys who you call when your computer breaks.
  11. You people are evil.Putting chips in the pot and looking at "real" cards are part of poker.Your product sucks.I am definitely not disagreeing with you. Luckily I am not involved in making, marketing, selling or shipping said sucky product. I am just the IT guy.
  12. I thought about that too. Not sure if there is more of a privacy screen. I hope we get one here to demo so I can see about all this stuff.
  13. Yeah, I totally agree. I like to have the cards and chips. The only advantage is that you play more hands and don't have to tip the dealer with every pot raked. Not quite worth it in my opinion either. Probably don't have to worry about seeing it for a while...has not been approved by the NGB.
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