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  1. I play really low limits on pokerstars mostly just for fun. My bank roll started at 35$ after a few months i got it to 120, then (over the 2 last months) i am down to 65$.I have developed a theory that Pokerstars tracks players win % and accommodates them based on that. Since slowly grinding my account up to 120 I have had nothing but losing sessions over the last month++. Ive been waiting for Pokerstars to prove me wrong, but It just seems to be the same story over and over.My assumption has been that at a micro table, most competition is terrible. I know a well above average amount of poker
  2. This is a weird one butAny program that allows Play money Head To Head Texas holdem games?
  3. Gold - CanadaSilver - CzechBronze - USA
  4. What will you be saying when everything ive said it proven true by the end of the season?
  5. Khabibulin??? lol... Hes a joke. Just like Lalime. "Subpar" goalies on great teams, thats all they were... Now that their being overpayed to play on garbage teams, theyll sink.Look at their progress so far, theyve each played 2 games, both being well below .900 save percentage. Itll be like that for the rest of the year.Luongo was a top three goalie last year, arguably the best. And apparently the rule changes helped him, making him the only goalie they did help...Luongo WILL be the goalie of the year, this year. He WILL start for Team Canada. And he WILL take Florida to the playoffs, and make
  6. Ok... Well i know for a FACT Luongo wont play for 5 million.. 6? Doubtful..He turned down a 5 million deal Florida made him before arbitration.. he said he wants to be payed what hes worth.. I also got the impression (Tho he did not say this, that he doesnt want to play in Florida)...Id imagine him being payed 7 mill next year, for a different team.
  7. Love it... 2 Shutouts thus far. No surprise Luongo has them both... God damn.. All those snipers in Tampa and nothing goes in.Forget about players. Give luongo the 39 million.
  8. Omg... im so lucky. Palffy gets a goal with 1 minute left in the game. Anyone who took lemieux is starting a new steak.
  9. If you all look kindly at the overall standings, You will see yours truly listed third overall. :-) .. So what if thousands of others are also in first. I get the fame.Todays pick is Palffy. risky? Probly. But go Palffy go.
  10. That's unfortunate because I'm sure you would've won! :wink:Yea, you all got off lucky :-)
  11. unfortunately, i couldnt get my picks in... Computer wasnt working yesterday.
  12. As of right now, you have the better line up. And should win.
  13. I made 3 teams long ago for this. Tonight i checked on them, and they all put up points, actually they all put up goalsArnottNaslundLecavalier
  14. Im a HomeTeam Van Fan... But Ottawas my number two favourite team. I watched both games tonight.First, The Ottawa game... Loved it. Right when Ottawa dropped Bochenski, the game was over. 2 Quick goals late in the third by Alfreddson and his brand new line mates.. Spezza and Heatly. Shootout was great too... Alffy barely looked like he tried on his shot. Lindros made a beauty of a hit, and a nice goal.Second, Vancouver.. Where Naslund Made 2 amazing goals on the break out. Cloutier looked like a shutout game.. But unfortunately that didnt happen. It never really looked like a close game, until
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