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  1. Jin the Korean mob muscle was being worked over by other mob muscle.
  2. Yeah, I really liked this game, but it's not for everyone. The controls never felt intuitive to me. I agree that it looks great, cinematic, etc. But I didn't think it ever got out of the uncanny valley. You're playing renegade, right?
  3. Yes, but what do you think about JJ Abrams and Tom Cruise?
  4. Anyone else playing Bioshock 2? I had the opportunity to play a build copy on the 360, so I'm playing the PS3 retail version.
  5. I was talking about the new Mission Impossible movie, and some issues I had with the director's previous movie. And I was talking about Tom Cruise, and how I think he's parking his career choices on Mediocre Cul de Sac.
  6. Just finished Game Change and loved it. Also, I'm caught up with the Jack of Fables and the Fables - Jack crossover. That series is so so strong. I'm thinking of starting the Walking Dead series next.Quick thanks to jury duty today, who made some of this reading possible.
  7. I was thinking more along the lines of Nicole Kidman, who looks like she resembles Nicole Kidman.
  8. I was so disappointed to hear they're making another MI movie. I keep thinking of Cruise in Collateral and Magnolia. I thought he was going to continue picking interesting projects.
  9. I tuned in briefly, mostly to see Ellen. Women in Hollywood, please get any and all plastic surgery referrals from Ellen Degeneres. She's 52, and, yes, she's had some help over th years. She still looks like the best, most refined version of herself.
  10. The last movie I saw was a direct to video horror film called "House of the Devil." It came out in 2009, but is made n the style of the 80s. It's creepy and unsettling. Good movie.
  11. When I say genre films, I think I mean movies that aren't usual Oscar bait. There were a couple of big Hollywood filim types--Lovely Bones, Time Travelers Wife, etc. That were d.o.a.I don't think 500 Days of Summer is best movie ever, but I do think it's a solid romantical type movie.
  12. I'm not sure why, but all I want to listen to this week is Neil Young.
  13. ITCOM and Sorrow are both great because the films end up holding a mirror to the audience, and let them see their repulsive behavior. IMO they have more to say about how cruel humanity can be.I feel for Neil LaBute, I think his next film is a genre movie, strictly director for hire. I met Chris Rock years ago, and told him how much I enjoyed Nurse Betty, he was gracious, but he also kind of whispered and repeated my comment, as though he was translating it from a foreign language.Also, since I only have 17 movies on my list, I'd like to add The Pledge. Again, I saw it n the theater. It has an
  14. I'm also snubbing Almost Famous and Slumdog.I'd like to tack on Final Destination 2 to my list. The big crash is 90% practical effects. It's one of my favorite B movies.
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