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  1. What was flop action like?You checked your straight on the turn?It looks like the flop was only checked around, so no one bet the flush draw. You hit the gutter on the turn and you should take down the pot at this point. Bet the turn and then get sucked out on the river when he calls with his set and hits his flush draw. Then think back on the hand that you played fine and move on to the next hand. He played his hand horrible so I would really keep looking him up on pokerstars to play some more with him.
  2. Considering your image, his horrible stats and the donk c-bet I just shove this turn. If he's half of the retard you've presented him as, he'll call with a naked ace, a spade or any two pair. There's a lot of other lines as well, like raising small, but as people have said countless times before, I think that will make... even... HIS alarm clock scream!
  3. Sorry missread, but what everyone said. This should be a fold pre and on this flop you should definately just give up instead of firing another bullet.
  4. I tried this game today and figured out this, if you bet EVERY SINGLE HAND when it's folded to you, it can become very profitable over time. People play very tight and very longball-ish, so our goal is to steal a shitload of blinds and take it down postflop. I'd say 2/3 of the time it works, and the other 1/3 you fold on flop or hit the nuts with your garbage, and since you're new at the table and nobody knows you they won't credit you for 62 on a 345 flop.When betting with AK from position, the only thing that will pay you off big is hands with the same strength such as KK and AA. These are t
  5. This is too vague for anyone to come with any decent advice. You should give us some hands or something more spesific.How many times have this happened to you? Maybe you've just been unlucky, and if you've made it to the 26th there should be no reason why you shouldn't be able to get a paid seat. Also, don't say "make the final table", your goal should always be to win the tournament.
  6. I'd say fold pre. You're M is below 10 so you should try longball, push all-in with stronger hands and don't try to play weak hands like you were deep in a tournament. If we had a bigger stack I could justify doing this play, but I don't think we should invest over 20% of our stack in this situation.Fold/Shove on every hand. There's is no reason for limping and betting with 9M.
  7. I'm pretty sure he uses one screen and every table is put on top of eachother, remember seeing some videoes about it on some blog. (Sorry for no link, this was a long time ago)
  8. I thought that as well... 3 bad beats shouldn't crush your BR.
  9. Congratulations Gibler, do you still feel like a young rock star?
  10. There's a big difference between proffesional poker and amateur poker. Don't try to copy the pro's because their play style is a whole lot different than a reg. Also, if you want to watch how they really play poker at a FT I sugest you download the Partouche PT. The first FT that were showed LIVE.Watching Sunday Million round up won't teach you a thing, because they only show highlights of the event and the best plays made...
  11. Lol. I played a similar tourney like this, shoved it hard and got into headsup with a 60k stack, against this other guy, that had a little under 3k. The blinds were 2K/4K.
  12. You're a badass, stealing money from drunk, bar guys.
  13. You're my hero Lucoo, if I had the chance to play regulary I think I might would be able to do 400k hands. At the moment I really can't see myself be a grinder.As for this post, making supernova, comes with winnings. I knew a guy that tried to make Supernova Elite, but he said it simply ain't worth it unless you got a huge bankroll and a lot of time. Try improve your game and jump levels, then when you crush the higher limits, go grind VPP.And really, why would you want Supernova, unless you're going for Supernova Elite to claim your tourney packages I really can't see what there's in it to gr
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