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  1. im on FT what im trying to do is a fast way to transfer my money i dont want to have to wait on a check and i dont use a bank account
  2. Anyone know anything about this withdraw method...i tryed to register but it says it temp not possible?
  3. I think someone needs to look into FT this site is such a joke...i mean how many times can u get ur money in with the best hand and it go runner runner everytime....guess thats what i get for playing .02/.05 but u have to start somewhere with a bankroll right(about 80$ now was 130)
  4. is there anyway to transfer money from full tilt to say doyles room....im trying to start rakeback but they wont let me at fulltilt
  5. so what site would be best for rakeback?
  6. does anybody know anything about minted poker....i was looking into getting rake back and they seem to have the highest % for a us account....
  7. I will be going back Friday and its payday for most these guys can't wait!!
  8. Hey man they want to give it away it there prob...I took it down for about 150 last night don't tell me u would pass up a game like that......thanks rrumsey I went with the smallball poker worked great
  9. As long as there is no rake it is legal
  10. Ok let me start out by saying i would rather be playing 2/5 or atleast 1/2 but this is to good to pass up.Theres a local bar here in town that is running a .25/.50 game(no rake!). I stoped in last night and played for like an hour and made 20 bucks. Ok my Q,s is im not really sure how to play this game theres 4 full tables every night with a waiting list.Most everyone there is drunk and its a very draw happy crowd. Im use to playing a soild 2/5 game.so my game has change alot to adapt to that style of game. i am more then able to buyin deep and loosen up my game but im not sure thats the right
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