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  1. this league has been around for 4 years ... we're at the start of season 5 ... they're not going to change the format because I ask them to ... once in a while they do what they consider a deep stack (5000 chips) but that is rare ... if I want to play I need to deal with it as it is ... thanks for all of the replies guys!
  2. 10/20 ... double every 20 min ...
  3. We have a NL hold em league going ... usually get between 25 and 35 players each tourney ... our starting stack is usually $1500 or $2000 chips ... blinds increase every 20 min and there are no ante's ... the aggressive blinds are designed to make the tourney end in under 5 hours. Playing conservatively doesn't work well because you'll quickly be blinded to death ... there isn't a large enough starting stack to play true 'small ball' poker ... I've been successful in the past in this league but I think that a lot of it has to do with getting lucky ... the stack size isn't big enough to get an
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