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  1. ok here is one from me....sitting 1/2 NL at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi....Every folds to me on the button I raise to $12 with A 10 suited hearts. Small Blind folds and Big Blind Calls. BB has been playing super tight all night. Flop comes 8 8 K. I bet out $20. BB tanks for about 4 mins and finally calls. So I assume I might be able to get him off the hand. Turn 8. I bet $55 into the pot. BB thinks about it and min raises. I was going to fold but stupid me thought no you can push him off the hand so I shove for $325 more. He tanks for about 7 mins and finally he calls and tables pocket Queens. I
  2. I had one in my first year of playing...it was live at the Grand Casino in Biloxi, MS. I held A J hearts. I got a $500 bonus since it was in Feb. when i hit it and I got a Grand Casino Poker room jacket and picked up a $300 pot in 4-8 limit. That is the only one but i have had 23 str8 flushes.
  3. congrats on the two cashes man!!
  4. hope you have continued success!
  5. yeah the nap taking thing was pretty lame but he is still a cool guy in my book.
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