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  1. Let age = person's ageLet YOB = person's year of birthLet LTD = the last two digits of his year of birthage = 2011-YOBLTD = YOB - 1900LTD + age =?(YOB - 1900) + (2011 - YOB)2011 - 1900 = 111Arithmetic is spookAY
  2. The letters she references are the Epistles of Paul (e.g., Romans), which are clearly in the bible canon. What are you talking about?
  3. ^^^ This ^^^Not this There's obviously nothing wrong with the execution of the throw. It's hard not to have the impression that Caldwell is in charge of calling time-outs at random times and everything else is Manning. Could be just be a TV impression.
  4. I think it's apparent that this situation is an accident waiting to happen. If there's no way for a quarterback to avoid this situation, then Collie shouldn't be on the field, imho.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7DqxEaRR0U
  5. That sounds like an emotional roller-coaster. I hope everything works out for you.
  6. I call that "going outside". Camping has for me been more about hauling around gear and sleeping with slugs, surrounded by 400 other people a few feet away.I could get behind a survival challenge, but not intentional slight discomfort and inconvenience.
  7. Mexican is hanging around the 2/5 game for no apparent reason. Mixed race guy in the 8 seat (sporting matching white Air Jordon shirt and hat, flashy gold watch, sunglasses, and tied piece of string for a bracelet) slips chips off his stack to him. He takes the chips across the room, briefly visiting the adjacent tables. (Imagine the singing reluctant groom from The Holy Grail tentatively walking toward the window to shoot his message out the window to John Clease.) He walks up behind the 2 seat (older native of Guam wearing a Tony Hawk hoodie) and deposits the chips on top of his stack.It
  8. Star Trek foresaw interstellar travel but not flat panel displays.
  9. Baseball wise men:Is a low arm slot a thing to fix? Supposing it is, how do you fix it?
  10. Yeah, baseball will run until approximately June 20.
  11. I think the motions each being independently continuous is not sufficient. There can be multiple motions as long as there is no pause in between. DN paused, so it's not a legal raise under clause A, but I believe the floor ruled that he made a verbal declaration.
  12. As a general principle, if you ever find yourself insisting that someone extend courtesy that etiquette demands, you're not educating them, you're being an *******.
  13. This is the tail wagging the dog, imho. The right game selection is worth a lot more than the typical bonus.
  14. Does it bother you more, less, or the same as a company that asks for one price but would really be willing to accept something lower?
  15. I don't accept this as a given. If it turns out the cable is a crappy way to deliver entertainment it should operate at a loss and then fail. If it turns out that people don't value entertainment at the current level, then the entertainment industries should adjust or fail. There's no natural law of the universe that makes Brad Pitt's or Kobe Bryant's salary appropriate. It's just what people have been willing to pay.Do you have an obligation to pay the sticker price for a new car? Don't the same arguments apply? Generically, no. But the implication is that I'm stealing from the other cu
  16. Isn't it? I thought you wrote that people have a civic responsibility to pay the asking price for cable to support their infrastructure costs.
  17. Society does not have a responsibility to ensure a company's traditional business model succeeds.
  18. The only thing we want to fold is a straight, and I don't think that makes up much of his total range.
  19. This is a cool reunion. I can't wait to see who got fat.
  20. You don't have to kill yourself to get there.It's easy to compensate for inexact finger placement with excess pressure. If you get nylon strings, get the ones for a steel string guitar (not a classical one intended for nylon only).
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