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  1. This cannot be a serious reply. But if is do yourself a favor go out and buy a little bit of class, Mr. Brunson.Rude, maybe, but dead-on-balls accurate.Let me see if I understand this situation being discussed.In or out of position, you have top pair decent kicker on a board that has draws, none of which have hit yet. And after leading on the flop and getting one caller, you don't know if you should bet when the brick hits the turn?Then we have someone else on here saying that with top pair, they are going to bet 4x the pot, hoping to God they take it down with top pair, and if they get calle
  2. I've always been a huge fan of the "beautiful" quality in women, and Maria definately has that over AK.
  3. This may have more merit in online card games, especially the loose ones like you mentioned. I'm pretty sure what's being said here is that his dream is to win a monster hand by getting an inferior hand to call all-in, while for many new and inexperienced players, they want nothing more than to "showcase" how skilled they are by exposing someone's bluff.Exposing someone's play can be good, but I think, especially in live games, that it is far more profitable and safe in the long run to be able to lay down when you think you are beat rather than always calling down because you have a hunch the
  4. Aseem.I got a buddy who I KNOW would be interested in getting something like what you have there.Is that a program you downloaded or one you made yourself? Regardless, is there somewhere I can tell him to go to get it? He already heavily utilizes player notes, and this seems like a more factual and scientific way to map player paterns.Post or PM me if you could please.
  5. Yea, for the sake of making a point I tried to stretch that one. I knew it would be close.Good catch, you got me, lol :wink:
  6. Undoubtably the greatest poker story I've ever heard.I give it two thumbs way up!And I think the proper choice is that you just restart the hand. Who is to say what action would have happened, and being that you can't just deal out the damaged deck to see who wins the pot, I'd say you just start over again.
  7. Actually, I did have a dream once about a year ago where I flopped the nut straight against three sets, turned the Straight Flush, and got action up to the river where bottom set hit quads.It was like the ultimate perfect situation for getting a royal, and it was a nice dream.
  8. There's PORN on the internet?!?! :shock:Carlton likes TOM JONES!?!?! :shock:
  9. This is unfortunately true, but for the most part, with money going for scientific research to cure AIDS, or cancer, or hunger, or helping poor children, or helping an orphanage make ends meet, I'm sure that a lot of good would come from such a simple idea.Crap. Now we just need to convince everyone in the country, and then the world, to go out and donate money or time once a year.... :?
  10. This was hilario.And you aren't the only one, but I'm def not one of those people.I come here only when I'm on co-op, and even then only when I'm at work.Life is a waste if you can't live it for real, no matter how "harsh" reality may seem.May I suggest either finding better friends or being the catalyst for finding something better to do.Take up billiards :wink:
  11. BilliardsBoy

    my space

    So then its like a combination of facebook and blogs with a picture capability????Hmmm... I need to check into this.Is it hard to set up and does it cost anything?P.S. Sorry for uber late response, haven't bothered checking in here today as much.
  12. I think there is something like 1.5 million in the US right now with the disease, but the highest numbers are like plus 5 million in India and South Africa.AIDS awareness is important in our schools, people still need to know what this disease is all about (which is surprising because you would think that anyone who hasn't lived under a rock would know, but its sometimes not the case).Do what you can during the year for causes like researching a cure, same thing with cancer research and others.If everyone took it upon themselves to do even just one significant charitable donation, even somethi
  13. While watching tonights lost, it occured to me that I don't care about the past of any of the characters. I am much more interested in what they are doing now. Also I do not like the direction they went tonight regarding the computer and Michael, I just don't. I think I can feel myself slowly lose intrest in this show, and that saddens me, it really does...Are you serious????? The pasts of the characters is what makes it interesting. And the twist of the computer thing with Michael has my head spinning. They could take that in a million different directions. That is what makes this show
  14. She's not as well known, but def a good choice there.French open, I was hoping really hard that she and Maria would move past the semis and I could watch them play eachother for the Championship.Too bad they both lost. Oh well, back to the internet porn.
  15. Senior year, our schools chapter of the NHS decided to run an elderly outreach program in between our blood drives. Our town has a good sized population of elderly people, and we knew that many of them lived alone and maybe didn't have anyone visiting for the holiday.Through someone at the senior center who could point out these people for us, we wound up collecting holiday food, books, and things that they could use during the season, enough for 15 homes. We then split up into groups of 3, each group taking 2 care packages, and went to the people's homes and spent a few hours with them.We m
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