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  1. YES All good if you clicked the link, you had to click the validation email in your email inbox and setup just one spool.Thanks!
  2. Hey strangers,If ALL of you would, please click this link and register for this site and set up AT LEAST 1 spool, (just pick your fav team/player). This is a site some friends did and its pretty slick, no need to go to multiple sites for news on your fav team/players, it brings it right to you. They are running a contest that ends in 2 days for most referrals and I'd love to win it and give the prize to Skylar. Any questions, holler at me on text or FB or here. I do love the site and what it does.THX!!http://www.spoolios.com/index.php?refercod...7336ec2c4634739
  3. Never leaked before!And yes....just got in from Midnight Mass!Merry Christmas all!
  4. ^^^^^ I got alot of sun!Merry Christmas all!Nik,Got the card and the lube (opened and leaking but it's the thought that matters!), thanks as usual!!
  5. She said she didn't have Leia pics yet!!!
  6. Loved last week's episode and can't wait for the next.
  7. Best night of MLB ever!Rays win!!!!!!!!!!
  8. You are correct sir! I misunderstood and missed your post.
  9. That maniacal laugh at the end was the best.
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