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  1. "No, see, I would have won, but when I was walking to the casino a bird fell from the sky and hit me on the shoulder. If it was the right one I would have been fine, but its my left shoulder, and everyone knows that's the universal sign of bad luck. It was definitely Humberto Brenes's fault, everyone knows he doesn't feed his birds, because he's a pro. I also made the mistake of stepping on a crack when walking into the casino, so my mind was on making sure my mom was ok. I couldn't focus on the table, and that's why I didn't cash. I was also very upset about their being more people in the tou
  2. Rose. I have this sick feeling she's gonna win that PCA event.The beginning of the year is like the first week of the football season. EVERYONE hopes to have that big year that has everyone talking. I sure know I hope this year turns into that for me, but for now I'll just stick to my gameplan and hope my shipment of "run good" juice comes in ASAP.
  3. It would be nice to see a couple extra categories, almost like an FCP Year End Awards. Best Up-and-Coming Player, Best FCPer who lost their way, Best Overall Player, etc. Help bring to light some of the peeps who had huge years in their own right, for the limits they played. Until that were the case, Gib, Sparcco, and Dink are the clear 3, but in my mind Gib is the clear #1. WSOP bracelets are nice, but at the end of the day you play poker for money. Gib won a big time tourney with the PCA and 2.2 mil, and then won the tournament at the end of the year for 330k. That doesn't even count all the
  4. I've loved poker for quite a long time, and have always dreamed of having a really solid bankroll. I see guys on here playing all the Sunday tournies, and I want that for myself some day too. However, everytime I've ever deposited money I've either withdrawn it after it got to a certain point, or lost it all by taking a shot. I took a long break from poker, and in that time I started going to school and I feel I've really matured. Recently I started getting that itch to play again, and one of my buddies is in the middle of grinding up a $100 deposit, so I decided its time for me to take a shot
  5. Thank you for the advice everyone. After weighing the options I was planning on going with HEM too. Any other recommendations you all can make for someone who wants to learn? I've been playing poker for years, and I've been through the whole cycle of depositing, building up the money, then withdrawing/losing it all. I know how to play, and I know a lot of the concepts, but I NEED to get better. So, anything else you all can offer would be great. :)Thanks again for all your help!
  6. Thank you! I actually searched the forum (for all the newbs out there, the "Search" function ACTUALLY WORKS) and saw DC mentioned, and numerous people saying it was good. I've already decided on them. :)I really appreciate the advice too. Its nice to see I'm not in this alone.
  7. This is my first time doing a goals list, but I figured I should start setting some goals so that I can finally do what I've been wanting to do, and that's get better at poker. I looked through the 2008 Results thread, and it really gave me the fire back to take this seriously. So........that said, I'm going to do things right....January Goals:- Read as much of the NL Challenge Thread as humanly possible- Read through the NL strategy forum- Get a subscription to a training site (Cardrunners, PokerVT, etc.......not sure which one I should do......researching the forums to find out)- Get either
  8. I won't be able to make it either. Good luck to anyone that plays. Take it down for FCP.
  9. Good game to both of you. Thanks for the tips qyayqi.
  10. password: fcp just realized I didn't give it. I'm a moron.
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