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  1. whats the point of a raise to 58? we are committed at that point. So why not just shove and possibly take down the pot vs 2 over cards
  2. meh, i dont really like this.. why? because its almost always a race, or you're dominated. Only reason to shove here IMO is to take this pot down. or pray he has AK,AQA line i might take here is a "stop and go" some times used for post flop. but i like a smooth call. then lead the flop for 2/3 pot. (board texture depending)
  3. The flop is a perfect spot for a C-bet.i'm c-betting the pot on that flop a large portion of the time.The way it was played. I do like a raise on the river. maybe more tho. I mean a gooad looking value raise as a bluff only works if your villain is competent enough to see it as a value raise.other wise, this is one of the reason i want to Cbet this flop. by checking a dry low board, it sorta makes me as a villain think. "ok u dont have a overpair"
  4. http://www.crownpoker.com.au/Gallery.aspx?ID=7&Page=4#
  5. This sounds like they took notes from poker rooms around the world.I know Crown Casino in Melbourne is very much like this one.they have around 50 tables. cash tables 1-2 and 2-3 are in a roped area. 2-5 and higher are in a 2nd level up a couple steps. huge room plenty of spacetext messaging and digital boards for the wait. a full service food and drink bar in the poker room. restrooms. and a high roller section with 3 or 4 tables.also they have .50-1.00 electronic tables and a waiting room for people who want to play cheaper, or are waitin for a bigger game.
  6. wow. never thought i would see the day. Its probably one of the most advance thinking processes i've ever heard of, poker related or not. trying to compute those 4 steps within a short time while playing is so technical that if you can do it, you're probably going to do extremely well as a player.the thing is, (with your example of being able to see your opponents cards).. thats all well and good for beginners. You can probably narrow it down to 1 exact hand sometimes. if they are that easily readable. but playing people who mix up play, or disguise hands.. its very very important to be playi
  7. Is this the official MMA diet?just wanted to add.. I know JC and others are upset over the tourney, but JC, you would be livid if you were top 3 in chips when it was canceled,this is like a blessing for you, because even though its a small one, there is still a chance at you becomeing first mexican to win in mexico.
  8. well firstly. If you notice in the strat forums, people will post the hand, but they also post the pokertracker stats, and their own personal reads of the player.a good player (and you should take your own time to practice) is the ability to sit at any table, or view from the sidelines before sitting. and know what type of players each player is.you might not know their exact VP$P or aggression but a good player will know who is a LAG who is a TAG, who is passive etc.. You could even go as far as knowing who has a good knowledge of the game and who doesnt. Once you have established these guide
  9. If you group it by 2 possibilities. 1 - you suck or 2 - you're unlucky.. think of it this way.are ivey, negreanu, durrr, mortenson, and even the well known FCP'ers all among the luckiest people in the world?i think we can all agree there is no such thing as luck. Only short term variance which eventually evens itself out. So if there is no such thing as luck.. i think you'll find your answer
  10. besides the obvious garbage hand and previous mistake playing it OOP like others have stated.its a auto shove for me given his stack size. if he shows up with J,Q oh well. he wont be showing up with a flush, he might have a real hand, but since his stats claim he 3-bets you often, and does so with T,6 i'd say take this hand down now while the 3 card flush is on board.
  11. 1 - what do i have2- what do i think he has3 - what do i think he thinks i have4 - what do i think he thinks i think he hasHand reading is only a fraction of what a good player needs in his or her arsenal. It doesnt matter if you can put someone on a draw, or a over pair. you need to know what they are thinking, and you need to know what you need to do to exploit them.How can you convince the player you're weak when you're strong, and vice versa. How can you get him to laydown a better hand, and how can you off his game by laying down a worse hand correctly.reading hands and betting patterns
  12. actually, my normal game is 1-2nl up to 3-6nl 6max online.But i've always played in various casinos at various limits and i know for a fact that the garbage which shows up at live tables are beginners, and recreational players. But you're bound to find some quality players. Most of them who actually do, also play online poker.There is NO question that the players who are very good live players, are probably also playing online..So this whole comparison is flawed. Its just so simple to sign online once you're set up and play multi tables all day everyday.To truly compare these two types, yo
  13. first - read small stakes holdem by david sklanskythis is the foundation you search.then, if you still enjoy the game.. ask more questions
  14. I'll post 1 more thing to hopefully help some people understand the schematics behind trying to compare online to live.Lets use examples and plain english.- online attracts players from all over the world. any player can play any site.- online you can multi table.- live attracts players in the area, or who visit the area- live you play 1 table at a time.now.. lets imagine if you will, that in online, you can only play on a site that your region is listed in. so if you can play pokerstars, you cant play tilt or absolute etc.. and vice versa.so already some of the good players freom other regio
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