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  1. i played dice with tj last week at the rio and he is whiny and a poor loser at the table. But, to be fair to the guy he was real nice to people who recognized and wanted to talk poker with him at the table.
  2. You must run good in seattle weather because I lived there for 13 years and it is only sunny about one day a month except for the summertime. Alaska sounds nice I should go sometime.
  3. I'm writing this as I get ready for work on the morning of the golf outing and just wanted to say I hate everyone who gets to go and hope everyone loses a thousand balls each(j/k). Also might stop by to rail the poker for a few minutes after dinner tonight.
  4. If no one has anything better to do on monday I will be playing the electronic tables at the excalibur around ten. I'll be the weird looking guy with white hair and glasses. Try and take me on if you dare.
  5. 7th in the wynn 330 buy in daily touney for 1200 and change. Think it was 90 something runners.
  6. Won my first table and I have been waiting forever for the second one to start. Won the second now waiting for third table to start.
  7. Count me out work won't let me have sundays off. So consider my spot now open.
  8. I would also go with the deep stack. The prize pools in the past have been pretty big and the players have been weak. The v also gives a free buffet to players in the deep stack.
  9. You can probably concede the long ball contest to bg anyway. The guy hits it a damn mile anyway(yeah I'm jealous).
  10. Hope to you can still make it out here scott. It wouldn't be the same without you.
  11. I'm a vegas local too and I have a ton of time on my hands if you need some help here.
  12. memories a bit fuzzy on this one but I think you got two clips of the handgun, one on the full auto tommy gun(just like in a 30's gangster movie) and two clips of the semi auto. It is every bit as awesome as you would think but it can go pretty fast. They also have a wide variety of guns you can also add on. They had some shotguns, a dirty harry style 44 magnum, a police sniper rifle and all kinds of stuff I am forgetting.
  13. For some non gambling activities I would have to suggest a visit to the gun store on tropicana a few miles up the road from the mgm. For a hundred bucks I got to shoot off a full auto gun, some kind of handgun and a semi automatic assualt rifle. You also get three targets of your choice you get to keep later and a tee-shirt. I had never even touched a real gun before and it was one of the coolest things i've done here.
  14. Now that we have more concrete information I thought I would dig this back up and see if anyone is still interested.
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