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  1. I was surprized it took 7 posts for someone to say something.
  2. Just another example of hollywood trying to remake a classic movie while removing all sort of decent social commentary from it.
  3. Given the pre-flop action there is no reason to believe we don't have the best hand a decent amount of the time.
  4. I think one thing that local governments should really work on to help curb DWI is to make sure public transportation is reasonably available in bar districts.
  5. The last time I owned a car I was already a little drunk, and driving to a party to get even more drunk. I was coming off of the highway and bam, a car slams into me from behind. My car circled around the off ramp 3 times. Man oh man when that officer got there I was sure he was going to give me a breathalizer or something, but alas my charm paid off and was able to be let go after just a few questions. Once he realized it wasn't my fault, he didn't even seem to care.
  6. Really? You don't understand how long commutes can add to your misery? Being stuck in a car for an hour and a half every day would eat my soul. "Quieter area" is just basically a richer area. People need to live outside the city so they don't have to deal with those common negros that are always trying to steal their stereos. The very fact that people feel the need to move out to the far out suburbs so that they can be content with their safer neigborhood and then realize that they have sacrificed any sorts of arts, culture, comunity, and uniqueness to achieve their goal of a safe and com
  7. This is really cool. I just went ahead and bought it off of itunes so I could actually see the animation clearly. Well worth it, and the sounds that they use definetly are perfect for the feel of the comic.
  8. The fact that Gambit is going to be in it makes me think I will not see it. Easily the worst mutant ever.
  9. Part of my bucket list is to not see The Bucket List.
  10. Someone confirm my latest lousy finishes so I can show up in the TOP TEN. At least I'll have something.
  11. Finally made a FT, maybe I can come back in this thing.
  12. I forgot that I sated into the 5kfpp thing. Missed the first 40 min.
  13. Yeah your point about Xmen and spidey is dead on. Already a lot of the fanboys are bitching because they didn't like 300, but 300 was great going by the comic, I just thought the comic was pretty weak to begin with. As long as this isn't the disaster that V for Vendetta was I will be happy. That tried way to hard to make it relevant in a post 9/11 world.
  14. As with Hellboy and Sin City, I think since this is a relatively unkown comic to the masses, the movie should be very good, as there will not be any need to pander to the public say the way Spiderman and X-men did.
  15. Blank DogsTyvekCheveauJay ReatardBlack LipsHenry Fiat's Open SoreReal LosersCococomaCarbonasAcid Mothers TempleAll of these are bands that I would rather watch than some 30 year old band trying to prove they can still "rock". I love plenty of old music, but that's why I listen to the records because it captured them at a time when their music actually mattered. Seeing The Who trying to do a concert right now is just sad.
  16. Well at least he played it so terrible that he only got the minimum from you.
  17. You sound like my dad.
  18. I'd say if we don't get the number that the winnings from the 5.50 go to completing the buy-in.
  19. Yeah when I read writing like that I am amazed that he and I live in the same universe. It is almost as if he has no concept of fiction in general.
  20. I resent the first question, I only initiate fist pumps so I won't have to go to the lower greeting of a Hi-Five.
  21. That is such a great song, too bad most of their stuff lately has sucked but you really can't top Pizza Deliverance.
  22. I can't confirm David Keena's last tourney and I have 3 still up that seem to be off the PS lobby, what do we do for this?
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