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  1. Garden City is the place for you to go. The popular $3-100, $100 buy-in game is good and pretty much plays like no limit.The low stakes $2-4 and $3-6 at Bay101 and Garden City are as loose as it gets. Luck helps in these games. $6-12 and up play tighter.Lots-o-fish though.
  2. I'll tell you something about god.He only pays off my gutshot straight draw ~10% of the time.
  3. "nobody f*cks with de Jesus" – Jesus, The Big Lebowski
  4. pokerroom.com and hollywoodpoker.com
  5. Hey,DW is rolling in a $100,000 500Benz he bought with poker winnings... He's 24!That's pretty sick.
  6. Having read his blog, I know he's staked a couple of italian guys with leather jackets, a big black dude, who gave him a lift to the airport, and at least one good humored waitress.... oh you mean in poker?
  7. He's annoying.He kept saying "It never ends for me." Did he mean that he never stops sucking out on people? Because his suck out on Flack was one of the worst suckouts I've ever seen.Yet he bitches about his bad beat...What an idiot.
  8. I say callYou got to put them on Ax and/or middle pair, since its a loose game. It's highly unlikely they have KK, QQ or AA. It's only 3 small bets, if the board flops AKQ, you fold to a raise. When it comes small, you'll know to bet out when the bet doubles. You'd be sitting pretty if anything low comes. Especially if noone bets out. If you fold you lose 3 small bets to potential lot more.Calling is the right move inmho.
  9. Hey, them being upset with you is a GOOD thing.Let them play angry! It's not like you have to spend Easter with them or anything. It's great to play against people on tilt.
  10. I wear them. Sometimes I feel self-conscious if people know I'm staring at them... I often stare.Self conscious poker = scared poker.Scared poker leads to fearFear leads to angerAnger leads to Tiltand tilt leads to... that's right... the dark side.
  11. The chips are good as a starter set... But I think you'll find the slickness of the chips really annoying. I could only stack about 20 before a little nudge would send them sliding all over the table. ALso trying to pick up a large stack with one hand is nearly impossible. They also sound metallic when they hit the pot. Not that sound matters much. Also look into the "Nexgen" 12 gram chips. They still have a metal slug inside, but they sound, feel and stack much better.I got a set of 500 from http://www.5stardeal.com for around $130 delivered (to the US).
  12. Obviously you need to go here first http://www.gamblersanonymous.org/But if you can't make it to their meetings, You should come over to my place for my weekly hold'em game... Thursday night.Bring that allowance with you.
  13. You might as well just buy TOP.It's definitely a keeper.Hellmuth's,... forget about it,... it's inferior.
  14. Theory of Poker can be pretty heavy duty for a novice poker student. Likewise, Sklansky's Hold Em for Advanced Players is also thick reading. Many of the concepts don't apply to low limit poker, because low limit games are so friggin loose most of the time.Winning Low Limit Hold 'Em by Lee Jones is an excellent book for people picking up their first poker book. It'll introduce you to the strategies and concepts without burying you in ultra-advanced, ultra-high risk plays.After that you can move toward Sklasky without being overwhelmed by convoluted, complicated plays.
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