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  1. You know, it may be rigged, but I've never ONCE seen a pop up or anything that says "Call this, there's an A on the river and you'll win!"I mean, the idiots HAVE to have SOMETHING that works like this, don't they? Or do they just throw the money into the pot trusting that their card is coming, like it does every time?
  2. What a douche... everyone knows that this will work out in due time. Just let us go through our growing pains.This is a flame.I'm only doing it to screw with you.Love, Ebon
  3. Another possible situation to limp with KK in would be if you wanted to limp from up front with suited connectors occasionally, so people might be wary of your preflop limps.However, only strong players will notice that you limp raised, and it's not a guarantee you won't get raised, and it's probably not potent enough to make weaker hands profitable to limp preflop.
  4. They're nothing like SS1/SS2HOH1 is all about play when the stacks are reasonably deep compared to the blindsHOH2 is all about when the stacks aren't so deep as compared to the blinds.They're both vital, I think.
  5. If it was discovered in the middle of a hand, you completely undo the hand, the problem is solved, and you replay the hand.If it happens between hands, you solve the problem and move on.There is no refunding of money to people who play with an improper deck. It's definately someone's fault, but what's done is done.
  6. You try to warn him of the joys of FCP and you don't even mention the krablar or nutbar. Krablar:http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...opic.php?t=7967Nutbar:http://www.cardplayer.com/poker_magazine/a...d=12235&m_id=21Has anyone mentioned to get PokerTracker? Sure it's ~$50, but any serious player will tell you that it pays for itself in no time.www.pokertracker.com
  7. the thing is, what could he POSSIBLY have that is worth an all-in on a KKTTT board in omaha? AA, hoping that you don't have the T for quads (since any king except KK would just be trip kings)? Just about the only hand that seems reasonable here is KKxx, I think... unless he's a complete donk, which is possible at these levels.You know what? Since he's probably a complete donk at these levels, you call .
  8. All the locking makes me wonder how many active threads we will have... I mean, whenever someone says something like "Look what this fish said" the moderator will lock it and say "There's already a thread for this". Alright mods, if you're going to lock something because a thread already exists, could you at least put up a link to the thread you're referring to? You know, close the door but open a window?
  9. Hmm doesn't it go something like this:AK suitedYou have to catch 8 out of 52 cardsThen you have to catch 1 out of 51 cardsfor:8/52 * 1/51 = .00301, or .3% of the timeAA4 out of 523 out of 514/52 * 3/51 = .00452, or .45% of the timePokerTracker tells me that I have AA106/24255 = .00437And AK suited65/24255 = .00268So the percentages work out correctly
  10. Hey, anyone out there know of any job openings for a mechanical engineer? I've been looking for a while, and I could really use a job.flame away!
  11. Yeah I can picture the job description:Are you amazingly anal retentive? Is Monk your idea of a superhero? Then FCP has the job for you! You can put stuff in it's place all day, and not only that people will keep bringing you stuff to put in it's place!
  12. And just to pad post count and because I thought about it...You don't have to go through the years of experiences that the pros went through because they tell you about them in the books. If you really want to spend the years learning it for yourself, go right ahead. Of course you can be good without reading the books, that's how almost all of the current players got there.The education exists now though, so you should take advantage of it. I know that there was a philosopher who said "If I can see farther, it's only because I stood on the shoulders of giants"
  13. My advice is to RTFM (1). I assure you, there are a lot of things in poker books that you never thought of. It is professional poker players that WRITE them, for goodness sakes! Just because you have played a lot you think that you know everything? I am sure that you don't.This "I'm good enough" logic doesn't even work when you apply it to other areas of your life.Do you have like a financial advisor, or hell even a bank? I mean, if you talk to a financial advisor, you do so because that person has more experience than you with money. Sure, you have handled money all your life, but the a
  14. What if he had said to her "Hey I have the nut flush", then bet into her? Would THAT be unethical? I mean, at least he made a bet. Or is it only unethical to check it down when you have an implied agreement?Or what if he said something like "Under pain of death or sleeping on the couch tonight, I swear you should not call this bet" and proceeded to bet? He didn't tell her his hand but he told her to fold. Is that unethical?
  15. Yeah it's obvious to you now, but 87 on the button could be played a little better. First off, figure out where you are.You have 12x the big blind in your stack and you're on the button. If the pot contains 3000 in blinds and antes, you have a little more than 8 times the pot in your stack. This means you can last 8 more rounds at the current blind level, and you are under some pressure to play some hands and win some chips. This is a fine situation, though, considering that you are still in third overall. Many other players are in much worse situations.With that in mind, we go to the han
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