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  1. Sometimes just step back and take a week or two off when it seems you're running bad. If it continues after that it might be time to take a closer look at your game.
  2. Its what ever you have to play with comfortably I would think?
  3. I want the last 5 min's of my life back.
  4. What does post count have to do with anything? Some of us have been around a long time, but dont feel the need to clutter up the forum with useless threads like this. Have a nice day!
  5. You would think a check from the bellagio wouldnt need to be held. If they were concerned about fruad a simple call to confirm it was indeed issued to D.N. should be enough.Before telling someone to quit whining walk a mile in there shoes. Trying to use large amounts of cash for any legitimate sort of bussiness these days is near impossible
  6. They're gonna cry about all the under age players and use that to try and stop it. The real reason was already mentioned in the start of the show the U.S. just wants its part of the pie.I hope some senator or whatever dosent decide to make this thier crusade, I like it just the way it is. :wink:
  7. Wait till you go on a month long losing streak, that can start to mess with your head. But all you can really do is keep playing the way you know is correct and wait it out. Take a few days off or drop down a limit untill your good again.
  8. JackDeuce

    spurs rule.

    Is commense the point in time when two Spurs fans begin to menstruate, which usually occurs when your soccer censored Ginobli does a soccer flop on the floor? Ginobli for MVA (Most valuble actor)! With horry a close second :wink:
  9. JackDeuce

    spurs rule.

    Most boring series ever. But maybe Im still bitter the Sun's did so poorly aginst the spurs. Next year though look out... 8)
  10. Yes any two cards can win so you should keep playing everyhand and raising them. The only redeeming quality to this thread is the chick with the nice a$$.
  11. Haha! Thats how I feel about QQ. I bet im the only person who plays poker and looks down at pocket QQ's and curses silently to thier self :wink: And like others said with blinds like that and going up soon you had to move somewhere. You just got "un-lucky" as lame as that sounds. :roll:
  12. I started playing online NLHE first before any of the other forms. When I decided to give LHE a try I hated it. Why? Because I couldnt beat it, the same way I played in NL didnt work in limit. This bugged me and I set out to read and learn all I could about limit. After some time and money lost I was able to beat limit HE at the limit I play. By now your saying so what whats your point? My point is the patience and timing I had to learn in LHE helped my NLH game. Each take a certain amount of skill and instead of arguing which is harder learn them both and broaden your game. :-)
  13. Try the Ed2k network (Emule/Edonkey) if its out there it will be on this network.
  14. Of course its true, I mean its on a internet forum! :shock:
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