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  1. This is a good way to be medicore at lots of different things, instead of being excellent at one.You decide which is better.
  2. Why are you c/c a shitty draw in a limped pot? You're never floating OOP so basically you're calling a 2/3 pot bet in a 3bb pot to hit a 4 outer (3 clean outer) and stack a villian who most likely only bet because you checked to him?You rep zero by checkraising that river. If you had a flush you would lead river when the turn checks through. Hell, you'd lead that draw most of the time on the flop.This is defnitiely not sexy. This is what your hand is:EDIT: I also think that fighter did not play this hand, and it's a joke.
  3. Because while so many turns are great for us, those turns will slow someone with an overpair down, and we may not get paid off at all.Not to say that I agree with anything here, but just remember that.
  4. Yeah thats fine, but if you c/c 3 streets in LHE with this hand on this board you're losing money.Where was I being mean? I lolled at you for taking an imaginary bad line in an imaginary hand.
  5. Dude, it's 2nl and people will jam KK here and have no idea what 150bb's are.His range for 4 betting you PF is:AA, KK, QQ, JJ, TT, 99, AJ, AQ, AK, + a small amount of random hands.Against that range on this dry board, you have the nuts. Your finger should be sore from calling so hard.
  6. Why do you wanna donk into the preflop 3 bettor?Why do you want to raise his flop bet? Do you think AK will call? Do you think TT will call?
  7. You would never be put in these retarded spots if you just folded pf.
  8. Are you saying in LHE you'd c/c 3 streets with this hand on this board?LOL!
  9. Best thing to do when you don't agree with someone here is to type it out, and then someone will reply with to reasoning why/if/how you're wrong. Don't be scared.
  10. If you just bet close to the pot size on every street thats fine.
  11. Lol I get what you're saying.Kosin, the reason you fold this PF is because playing suited connectors and gappers is hard when you're out of position. These hands flop big however to get MAX value out of your hands you need to be in position.As you saw in this hand you had trouble working out what lines to take, whereas if you were in late position the answer would be easy "bet and raise every street". Whereas in your case you had to try and work out if you could checkraise or any of that, making your life hard.
  12. Raising this preflop in MP1 at a full ring table is just bad.There are zero reasons to play this hand in this position at 2nl, unless you're nutbarring. You shouldn't be telling this guy "if you have to play it, raise it." Because then he'll think its fine and raise it next time.Fold pf. /thread.
  13. Out of curiosity, were you c/f or c/c the river in this hand?
  14. You're sneaking around on your wife with 2nl?Thats ain't right.You are a compulsive gambler if you HAVE to sneak around and play poker.
  15. Lol @ Ninja pwning Babs so hard.Babs sir, you are wrong. Because he shortstacks, and you don't.
  16. Just c/f the flop next time ainec.He could have trips or pocket pair.
  17. Cap preflop. Bet the flop, bet the turn, bet the river. Call down if raised on any street. If you get raised on this turn and get this river, donkbet the river because villians will check back pairs and such but won't fold them to a donkbet.As played, you HAVE to donkbet this river. Your hand looks SO much like A high that you'll get a lot of villians checking back hands like KK here. Especially passive villians at low levels.
  18. Read John Grishams "The Client".It will tell you everything you need to on how to learn the right skills to beat poker.
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