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  1. Should be able to finish it up at home. Perhaps they just wanted Jagr to be able to say bye to the Pitts fans one more time. Plus we get to watch heads up poker championship before the game too on Sunday, so it's not too bad that NYR won.
  2. If it's online I respond by saying "there is only one way to find out obviously".If I'm playing live I just don't say anything at all.
  3. I don't think Forsberg matters all that much, but Smyth and Stastny out hurt this team. Time to re-group for next year. If these two players can remain healthy for a full year, this team will be in the top of the standings.
  4. A Pitts vs Philly series will be interesting for PA.I'm not sure who I'd want to see win that match up though.The East certainly has an advantage when it comes to travel in that they don't have to travels as far as the West teams do the majority of the time, so if Pitts can sweep and with the short travel, it may benefit them if they make the Cup final.
  5. Who are these Leafs you speak of?I think I heard something about them years ago, are they still in the NHL?
  6. Well, they can only do it one game at a time and they got 1 under their belt. NEXT...
  7. Rumor has it that ESPN originally wanted to sequester everyone involved in the WSOP main event so the results would not be known until they aired them.
  8. n/p...Glad that was what it was and we don't need anyone quitting FCP ;-)
  9. Is it in the top rightOPTIONS> Standard or Linear you're talking about maybe?
  10. Before taking any of the drugs or products mentioned in this thread definitely talk to a doctor or pharmacist.
  11. It will be interesting to see how that will play out if it is the case. This is a big game and if the move works Carbs is a genius, if not...
  12. It sure took them long enough to get it on and then it came down faster than it went up lolWould have been a better video it a hockey game broke out with the guys that put it up and those that tore it down.
  13. Yeah, there are a couple other series that are somewhat unexciting and look like the brooms are coming out for the sweeps. I don't like when there's a sweep in a series, especially the cup final so hopefully that doesn't happen. Now, if any of these teams that are down 3-0 can come back and win their series, that would bring up the excitement level just a tad
  14. See just like I said it would turn out What's with all the potential sweeps? PIT, DAL, DET
  15. It is a lot of pressure on him and it is even more pressure when you're playing in Montreal where they expect better than the best when it comes to their hockey. If Price doesn't take them to the final this year you can pretty much forget about the comparisons to Roy or Brodeur, but they shouldn't be comparing him to those goalies at this stage anyways.
  16. Home crowd will give an avalanche of support and hopefully that will give them a boost to start the game off with some intensity. Even with the way Detroit played at home, I'm going to take Colorado 4-2 with an empty net goal tonight.
  17. Hehehe..."Golf by a long shot". I can relate!
  18. Even though Daniel is one of my favorite poker players and I'm jealous you got to meet him, I'm slightly more jealous that you got to meet Jennifer. Glad you had a great time and congrats on losing the 50 lbs
  19. That is about as straight up as you can get imo. That is some very nice work whoever that is.
  20. Goalies get tapped by sticks all the time and the game would look silly if they called a penalty ever time they got tapped with a stick.If the player swings at a high puck and almost takes the goalies head off...welll maybe
  21. I was just about to post "It is starting to look like a next goal wins type of game"....and then philly scores.
  22. No I don't read every single post in every single forum. Yes I know it's fake, that's what the is for.
  23. Daniel may come across as a nice guy but don't piss him off...
  24. It's easy for us to second guess every poker play when we can see the hole cards but I probably would have folded there and saved my chips for a better spot to get them all in. Tran deserves to get beat like that sometimes though ;-)
  25. If Price is coming out for the shot at the same time the player is attempting to deflect it is incidental contact.
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