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  1. Tried them all, but no luck Best I was able to get is a 33 pages preview, which is even worse than nothing at all. So I decided to just ask here, I guess its my best option. I wouldn't if there was any way for me to find it anywhere. I am surprised by the fact as well, but it seems book is just no where to be found.
  2. I have been looking for this PDF for ages, but cannot find it anywhere, and am not able to buy it... Is there anyone who has pdf version of this so I could read it pls. I would really appreciate it.
  3. No, I am not getting down, I am just getting the analysis to try and play it better next time when i find myself in a similar situation. I have finally found some willingness to give my best to improve my game... And from all I've seen on this forum, if this community cannot help, then no one can BTW for those interestedGuy called, he had pocket Jacks, I turned 4 and went on to win the tourney :)Go suckouts!
  4. Yeah, if I was to come over the top of Villain1, I would shove, as outsider says - less exploitable and villain was very stubborn.
  5. You flopped the nuts, there is no discussion about it... Whether it will still be the nuts on the river or not is turn and river dependent, but you FLOPPED THE NUTS
  6. I'm repping a pair obv. A big one. Table dynamics was such, that it would not be very unlikely to flat Villain 1 with aces, because he was very active and tried to bluff a lot. He lost a lot of his stack earlier when he tried to three barrel bluff me of the quads, and in the end was unable to call my all in, despite of getting like 5:1. So that is a story, I have a big pair, was trapping Villain1 but now move over the top of Villain2, for whom I believe he could do this with A7, A8 and such, but I believe he folds these hands to my call / shove. Not defending my line here but only explaining w
  7. That's one of the aspects I'm interested in... So you do not think I have much fold equity? But one thing to note also is that I've been playing supper tight and this is like the first time I did this.
  8. I am having problems converting, but it my question relates to preflop anyways... We are three handed on the final table of the tournament that lasted for some five hours... We've been on the final table for over an hour now, and Villain2 has my respect as a decent player capable of making the move with good hands and with bluffs / semi-bluffs as well. I decide to take the stand, and I am wondering about what you think.Villain1 is dealer (90000)Hero is SB (53,000)Villain2 is BB (60000)Hero is dealt 44Blinds 1000/2000/200Villain1 makes it 6000, Hero calls (I decided to call here as Villain1 was
  9. I don't like the turn raise at all... I see nothing wrong with check calling the turn... Max, he does not have position, or I am reading it wrong. Hero is the BB. I do believe you have enough equity to call the turn bet here, as often villains are not good enough to fold their set if you do hit on the river, esp. if you hit ur str8. But when you raise there and then get reraised you put yourself in a position to gamble for stacks almost. There are people who play it that way, granted, but i believe in the long run it's a loosing proposition. Just flat the turn and re-evaluate the river. If you
  10. Unless villain has a str8, then, yeah, I think it is good. I think I fold a lot here, being in villain's shoes, especially since it was limped pot, and you just checked your BB, so you can have absolutely any two.
  11. Well... at this level, reraise pf is so often aces... but once you do call, and I call pf in this spot as well, and hit a flop like that, you have to go with your hand. I mean, he can have a variety of hands here, and even if he has pocket aces without FD, you have decent chances. The worst case scenario, he's got aces with the diamond FD, but that's just unlucky I guess. IPTS more less.
  12. I do not see big problem about this hand... As I see it, MP2 only has little money left behind... Just bet the pot or shove, I mean its effectively the same, since btn will be committed if they call pot sized bet. So, I think the best play here is simply to shove the flop and if they have set of Qs, well UL, and if they have aces, well they had you crushed from the get go anyways... But you will win this hand more often than not. I shove this all day and don't even think twice about it.
  13. I'd go with c/c turn and river here... It might be that your opponent has you crushed here in which case you do not want to put yourself in the spot where you have to lose a lot. On the other hand, it may be just pure bluff. If he shuts down on the river, I'd even value bet this.
  14. I'm having problems with getting PT to work. It is only a trial version, and I will be getting the full version, but I do not understand something. I am currently playing at Titan, and the other night, I played some tournaments and PT worked fine - that is to say, I had HUD on all tables, I had all the stats and everything. Yesterday, however, I played .10/.20 HNL and I could not get the HUD to work on the table. It was loading hands in the PT database and all, but no HUD. I tried restarting PT and everything, but with no result. Does anyone know what the reason might be?EDIT: Now it stopped w
  15. Or you can always shove and catch two diamonds on the turn and river... Just saying.
  16. Virtual PC will definitely slow down the computer substantially, I know because I've used it for some projects, so I do not think it would really be possible to use HUD through it... It depends on the machine I guess, though.
  17. TY all... I'll get coolered one way or the other anyways... At least this way I get to enjoy the moment. But thnx for the warning
  18. I've just finished Depositors Titan freeroll, 20k guaranteed, and finished in 8th, for 400$. This is in fact my biggest torney win, so I'm quite happy about it. I know it is not that much, but still... Just wanted to share
  19. His line does look a lot like aces PF. So there might be a 4 in there as well... But even so, you've got outs, and it is not unusual for these stakes that people will go berserk with naked aces. Just today guy called of his entire stack on 567 board with KK, and I had 89... So yeah, I'd go with it all the way.
  20. I'd go for the cap... In the even you miss on the river, you can just call down one last bet and see his hand. If you do hit, the way you describe the villain, you might be able to cap the river as well. Cap the turn, and depending on the river card, play accordingly. You will be good most of the time if you hit your A or K, and you might even be good with KA high. I cap the turn.Edit: I know that you only 3 bet here, but the way he's been playing, it will be capped for sure.
  21. It's not worth it playing FR on Tilt IMO. There are much better sites for freerolls. As you have seen yourself, they fill up very fast, they have like 1600 people and 25$ prizepool. Nah, I wouldn't if I were you.
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