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  1. Dont take this the wrong way. Just wondering if you have really thought about this.Have you considered how much it is going to suck multitabling 35 hours a week? I think that you will have a big problem with keeping focus for those long hours. You are going to be distracted by the fridge, roommates, girlfriend, life, whatever. Also, there is a strong possibility that a job will pay off much better than 35 hours of online poker. I for one, get bored after three hours of 1-2 tabling. I can't imagine doing it for 35 hours a week. Anyway, not trying to flame you, but this is my first thought
  2. thanks for that info.Brag seems like a lucky gambling kind of game. No wonder they were sweating so much in the movie. Maybe they should offer it online? I dont hink I would be playing though.
  3. What...Do...You...Do?This epitomizes Keanu's acting ability. I think it was Point Break.
  4. I can levitate like David Blaine does in his street magic. I can get up about 3-4 inches if I concentrate really hard. Seriously. Maybe I should record it.
  5. Drinking at the poker table is a bad idea. But thats not the answer you are looking for, so Newcastle would be mine.
  6. I am very similar in my online play. I am having trouble getting over $150. I started at $30 in Dec and play about 10 hours a week. These are the differences I see in online vs. live:1. Online has the same kinds of games, just different stakes. These are rough approximations of skill levels.Online .25/.50 = Live 2/4 to 3/6Online .50/1.00 = Live 4/8 to 5/10So, if you play 3/6 online, expect to get outplayed. Just take a look at the flop percentages on the tables online. At .25/.50, people seeing the flop is usually in the %60-%75 range. Beyond .50/1.00, the numbers go down to around 25%
  7. Kilgore, you should keep your writings to bizarre sci-fi stories in crappy softcore porn pulp where it belongs. Clearly you are out of your element. I am a big Vonnegut fan, great screen name.
  8. So it looks like striking out some of the "C"s on my chart and putting in a R is a good idea. Maybe I will do some work on it and post it up here.
  9. So, if early is eliminated, you can play many more hands. I have been doing this, but probably too much. Does it also mean that you should play marginal hands at a full table a little stronger with 6? What do you do with: K10, AJ, QJ, suited connectors? I have a chart of Slansky's SSHE and I guess I should use that as a guide, just eliminate the Early position. Again, thanks for your help.
  10. I play mostly 10 handed .25/.50 limit tables. I have tried the shorthanded 6 handed games and I will usually do well, but sometimes I end up losing chasing things I thought were good, or trying things I don't do in 10 handed much. Anyone have constructive advice about starting hand requirements, deception, etc. for 6 handed low Limit Hold'em? Akishore, if you are out there, your type of advice is greatly appreciated (or anyone else with a good solid response). Do you loosen or tighten your starting hand requirements?One thing I have trouble with is that it seems that deception is easier wi
  11. So, Kurt, were you sweating bullets on this hand? I probably would have made the same move on a hand like this. From all the arguments here, I believe that it was the wrong move, but I applaud you nonetheless. I'd probably have a heart attack just trying to figure it out. Thanks for representing humble small timers like myself and others here at FCP.
  12. Huh?OK, not 100% true. I am talking low limit here, but you probably knew that.Slowplay:Maybe its just Pokerroom, but my tables are almost always passive. Aggression has been serving me well. The way I play, I don't slowplay anything unless its just about the stone cold nuts. You will get callers on nearly any bet. If you dont bet, its almost always checked around. Sometimes you can check raise an aggressor pre flop. Bluffing:I never bluff anymore, been beat too many times by some clown slowplaying AK. Semi-bluffs are good in a situation like this:You have a decent hand preflop, say 10
  13. I think I might be wrong and prankstr is right... Google is your friend on this stuff.http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&q=%...t%22+definition
  14. I dont really know what a value call is, sounds like an oxymoron. I am no expert here so hopefully someone can back me up.A value bet happens when you have a decent hand preflop, say 10 10, and you raised it. The flop is Q 5 8. You may not have the best hand anymore, but you don't want your opponents to know this, so you have to follow up your preflop raise with a "value bet"
  15. I have been playing limit only for about 3 months or so and have never gone broke. I am not exactly raking in the money either, but I have fun. Still playing on that $30 I put in in December. So, just sitting down and playing has worked fine for me. I played the play money tables for a few weeks just to learn the very basics. I have never played NL, except in a tournament setting. I think the crucial thing is to have proper starting hand requirements. Dont play QJ just cause it looks pretty.I am starting to win more now that I play with unchecked agression. Don't be afraid to bet if y
  16. Bless you Smash! Your mastery of sarcasm is mind boggling. Seriously laughing my ass of at this one. At least I got a out of you...For real though, I enjoy reading good posts like these, I just don't like wading through flames to get the goods. I think most of us will second this.
  17. ok, makes sense. but those numbers were just pulled out of my rectum, it would be interesting to see the actual numbers on what percentage of hands were +EV vs. 9 randoms, and what % were +EV vs. 5 randoms. anyone got the numbers?Poker Room has just such a stat: www.pokerroom.com/main/page/games/evstats/expValueif the link doesnt work its under "poker school" on their page.Don't have time to interpret this, but it appears that there are many more hands that are +EV with fewer players. This seems really obvious though, since you can play hands with 5 that you would never play with 10. Also, ca
  18. This is .25/.50 Limit Hold Em. I am middle position, have 10 10, raise and there are 5 callers. Flop is qxx. It is checked to me.Assume this is a rainbow flop, but if you would play differently with a two flush out, take that into account (see below).Does anyone have an opinion on this? This situation comes up repeatedly, your raised pocket pair against one overcard. I don't like to let this go checked around the table and have no information on the hands of the other players.Semi-BluffUsually I will bet out on this, to test the waters. I will do this if there is one overcard like a J o
  19. Do some people have no concept of sarcasm, or are some of these responses doubling up on the sarcasm? I kinnot spel, but I m the beast poker playur in the wurld. How menny of u beat Phil Hellmuth?
  20. I know dude, I am totally frustrated with the lack of content. I am tired of hearing about Phil or Smash or whoever, so I felt the need to comment on it. Of course, this is probably counterproductive...
  21. So, I was palying Phil Hellmuth other day and he went all inwith 25o to my AA. Phil rilly sucks huh? I new I was better than Phil Hellmuth. He got all pist off. It was hella funni. I shood play in the WSOP since I am way butter that Hellmuth. I doant no if I could beat DN though, he is my hero. What do you think Smash? I already plaid you at Party and I won like 43 hands against u. Smash, by including your name, this will automatically go to 3 pages of posts. Phil, by including your name, this may even go to 6 pages. If we all do our duty and respond to this post, we may just set a new
  22. http://www.thebike.com/live_at_the_bike/live poker at a 5/10NL table. Saw a post on it earlier today.Does anyone else think these guys are way loose? I dont know much about NL play, but I swear I am watching play at a .50/1 table.
  23. Thanks for the input, I think BR is indeed By River.So to summarize what I understand here is:Tight and Loose refers to the type of game you are in, not your particular style of play (lets hope your not loose!).Loose is a game with many calling stations or lots of raising with no cards. Tight is the opposite, fewer callers, no maniacs.Situation:NR: No Raise in front of youR: One raise in front of youR4: If there is a raise and 4 callers before you (can only really happen in late position)RR: A re-raise in front of you (3 bets)Action:R: RaiseC: CallC2, C3, C4: Call if 2,3 or 4 have called b
  24. I just read these articles fom Card Player, by Lou Kreiger.http://www.cardplayer.com/poker_magazine/a...4362&m_id=65549andhttp://www.cardplayer.com/poker_magazine/a...4398&m_id=65550Makes me wonder if I am wasting my time. The real money is in hosting a casino. Now, rake is guaranteed profit. Anyone feel that they are a long time winner? I imagine Smash is, but look at him, he four tables all day to make 4K a month. I say forget that.. My job pays better than that (not tax free though). Any other thoughts?
  25. I have a question on this guide that many people seem to know about: http://bellsouthpwp.net/j/c/jccuneo/preflop.pdf What does "Flush BR" mean? You see the BR a few other places too. This is a great spreadsheet, by the way. ThanksP.S. I edited the link to work now. Thanks Suited Up. It may be slow since its a PDF.
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