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  1. negreanu just put all his $15.7 million dollars after he got wasted and put it all on red.....and the ball hit black.another one to add to the broke list..............................
  2. What i try to do when im on a downswing (and im just recovering from my worst this year) is try to focus even more on every single decision im making. Really think it through, ill be happy to let the clock run down a bit if it means im actually thinking about my decision.I've also found myself re-evaluating some strategies and reassuring myself that what im doing is correct to the best of my knowledge. I also find it useful to look around a few other poker forums and, as well as reading some threads, look for those also on downswings. It helps me a lot to know im not playing badly, and that i
  3. The price of the game isnt how much it costs, its the opportunity cost of lost earnings while not playing for real money.I dont have as much time as id like to play for real money, so i dont see myself wanting to play this.With all due respect to DN, i mean id have this viewpoint no matter who was helping with it.Yes it would be fun to play against the big players of the modern game, but id rather keep building that roll and hopefully get to play in a few big tournaments one day.Id like to hear from those who are intending to buy the game and why. For losing players or even players, i think
  4. right click on the normal screen when you've just turne don your computer (desktop?), go to properties, then click on settings, and there should be a bit where is does screen area, just get as bigger screen area as you can.
  5. in from the UK, personally i thought it was overvalued. Im not finance expert, but from what i can tell they have pretty much no assets, all you ar buying into is the profit potential. If they can develop a monopoly on the online poker, then yes, they wil be a good buy, but the gap decreases, then it could be in for problems.But then again the start has been very good, so maybe i should of bought at opening.
  6. when you played that i was thinking AA or KK, so you had me fooled, the mistake was two-fold, one risking chips when you didnt need to, and secondly trying to bluff the retarted calling station, but again well done for 6th
  7. dude, what the $(*$( was that!?!??! you did so well to get that far and then play a hand like that!?!!? no offence but that was a final table to play tight on. so much raising etc all you had to do was pick them off, and you tried to bluff the mega calling station, wtf!?!? anyways, well done for coming 6th though
  8. surprised thomas called that raise all in with A4off!?!!
  9. nice pot, that jackson guy LOVES the min bet, hes pretty bad i think
  10. dude, im watching, good luck, good to see a few already knocked out without you needing to risk anything
  11. im in london, my brother works close to where one of them went off, but a couple of streets away so should be fine, obviously all the phone entworks are down which sucks. just to add why today - mayor of london is in singapore re olympics, blair up in scotland with G8 and lots of media attention focused on britain due to G8, plus a lot of the main anti terrorism department will have been focusing on G8 gleaneagles rather than in london. This is damn afwul but its not as bad as the recent madrid attacks. plus its my 21st birthday.
  12. i was at the gutshot last night. its a friendly place, mix of old guys and quite a few young student types like myself. they have a tournament on each night and as soon as enough people are out there's a £25PL cash game and a £50PL cash game. check the website for all the details. nice bar area as well, you'll like it.
  13. totally wrong. totally wrong. Judaism is NOT a religion. It's a race.you are born into Judaism. Even if you are not a praticising the Jewish beliefs, you still are a Jew. Christianity and Islam for example are religions, as you can convert from one to the other. You cannot convert from/to a Jew, only start/end practising Judaism.So yes, you win your bet, and it is a race, not a religion.just to add; in more recent times you may of heard of people 'converting' to Judaism. Like every group, they want to expand, and hence now 'accept' these as equal Jews, however, their is a passage in the Torah
  14. a table of ten players should see one of those ten players picking up pocket aces 1 in every 22 hands.
  15. good NL players experience less variance than limit.far too many players cant fold big hands in NL that they have huge swings.if your making big calls on the river and your behind, its your decisions which are bad, not 'oh look, my top pair top kicker got beat his set, thats so unlucky'. whereas any decent NL player would know the reason why he's betting big is he's either on a big bluff or on a big hand. and by following betting patterns you can usuallly rule out if the player is willing to make big bets to steal.
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