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  1. I just did this InstantBankroll.com promo and got my $75 at Party Poker.Last time I played here was around a year ago when I cashed out and havn't played online for real money since. The NL25 tables at PP were SUPER loose then and I won consistantly playing only the top 8 hands. After one time around the table I could already tell the table wasn't going to be as loose as I remembered.HELP!:Party Poker No-Limit Hold'em, $ BB (9 handed) converterHero ($27.8)BB ($24.75)UTG ($25.95)UTG+1 ($36.55)MP1 ($38)MP2 ($12.75)MP3 ($24.9)CO ($35.4)Button ($20.85)Preflop: Hero is SB with [7s], [Td]. Hero p
  2. Which book(s) are the "SSHE " for small stakes NL games/tournaments.I usually play $25NL on PP and like $10-$20 NL Tournament style home games(6-10 handed).Any books to recamend?
  3. Value Bet, Value Call, what are these?Examples please.Thanks in acvance.
  4. Does this book include low buy-in NLHE?Would it help for $25 NL at Party Poker?
  5. ...if they actually wanted a call? I know this is an Uber-simplification but sometimes an overbet(is this a term?) like this is sooo easy to read when reviewing hands here on the board but how can you see them in game situations? I don't really know what I am saying I basicaly am just looking for good stories about all ins.
  6. Result: I folded and kept my now shortest stack.He mucked his card and told me after that he was on a stone cold bluff. 8 2 and he was running a board driven bluff as RISEorFall suggested. Ouch!
  7. why not 3-bet the river with the nuts?
  8. NL Hold'Em Tournament 4 players left I'm UTG with ~1/4(50XBB) of the chips(we all have ~1/4 of the chips)Hole cards: A K I make it 5BB to go.Fold, Fold, BB calls.He is a good friend of mine and for some reason I just can't beat him in the last few times we've met. He is more loose-aggressive and he thinks of me as tight-aggressive(he only really sees me play premium hands which I probably do). He is a smart player though so I gotta think he has a pair or A-Q to call my raise.Flop comes: 2 A 6 He checks. I want to win this pot now because I don't want to get cute and have to call a la
  9. This makes sense. And I can see how it would be annoying :-) Thanks for the advice and example. Good post.
  10. In what situations would you recomend(No Limit Hold-Em): i)a re-raise on the flop if you think you could get a free card on the river ii)a re-raise on the turn of you think you could get a free showdownhow weak/strong should my draw be?does it have to be a draw?can this play work with more than one opponent left?any general input would be appreciated.Thanks in advanceEDIT:[by "re-raise" I mean "raise"] :-)
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