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  1. Here is the real and comprehensive list, all others are from obvious IDIOTS and American Idol watching sheep.1 Star Trek2 Star Trek TNG3 Red Dwarf4 Dr Who5 Star Trek Voyager (7 of 9 has stained many of my sweat pants6 Battle Star Galactica ( the ORGINAL not the new series. A female Starbuck? Why don't you just rape my mother)7 X-Files8 Mythbusters9 Star Trek DSN10 The Avengers
  2. I can assure you, CBS is guilty of false advertising Everybody does NOT love Raymond.
  4. Hello, I'm Casey Kasem. You know, tonight in the #1 spot, a song for a good cause. A cause most people don't even think about. It all began when TV and radio personality, Rick Dees, and retro-psychadelic singer, Lenny Kravitz, walked into a famous L.A. bistro. They ordered a Caeser salad. But the famous chef told the hungry duo he couldn't prepare a Caeser salad because the raw eggs so vital to the dressing were not from free-range chickens. Rick Dees flew into a rage, saying, "Chickens are like you and me, except they're chickens." He and Kravitz called recent Oscar winner, Whoopi Goldberg. S
  5. Don't you dare try to compare yourself to donk4life, or any other good poster. All your posts are terrible. They completely lack content. 90 percent of your posts are pure post count padding once, in threads like the movie thread, the questions thread.. but the worst part is, when you venture into other threads, it's still the same post count padding content less drivel. Your motivation for it is pathetic as it is hilarious, as you can see in my signature. You're the worst poster ever. It's not even close. Please, post content, or don't post.
  6. Worst....Poster.....EVER!!!!!
  7. either that or make him make a good post.
  8. I don't know a good comic book guy quote for this occasion, so I'll just go with..Oh, loneliness and cheeseburgers are a dangerous mix.
  9. Your blantant post count padding is as trasparent as it is pathetic. Smoking gun.... Worst....Poster....Ever....
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