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  1. It's in how you think of it at the table. Unless you are, for some reason, dead certain a particular card has been folded, you have to treat it as still in the deck. If you chop and discard half the deck, the next card to be delt has the same odds it had before you chopped the deckOr, let's put it another way - you have a 52 card deck, you shuffle it and discard fifty one, what are the odds the remaining card is an ace? 4 in 52, of course! Changing what you do to the cards you DON'T deal does very little to the card you DO deal. Now, on the WPT et al, the pocket cam odds they show you are adju
  2. I wouldn't be too certain the government won't ban online pokerLet people know that poker is in a class by itself, and that poker's legality is a voting issue for you if you want it to stay legal. Also, discourage sites that spread side bets and side games or other forms of gambling - poker being poker and only poker will make it easier to keep legal, IMO.
  3. What the OP seems to fail to understand is Dan's relationship with his fans is tertiary at best. The man made his name playing poker, and if TV poker died today, he'd keep making money playing poker. He's not a sports star - he doesn't need fans, he isn't beholden to team owners or leagues per se. The other thing he fails to understand is the value of a blog: It's a chance to actually see someone's inner mind coupled with their actions. If all you want is a dry report of his performance, there are any number of websites where you might simply read his results.
  4. I can't decide if I like the 9 player SnGs. On the one hand, slightly better raw odds of a money finish, one less opponent, slightly faster rounds early, on the other hand, slightly less prize money per place. I suppose it comes out in the wash. I mean, the pictars are wierd.
  5. Man, Daniel, what you should do is get an honorary professorship - teach one class on 'applied statistics' or something, then just crash all your colleauges' classes. I will say one thing to the other posters in this thread - I went to school studying something I hated at a time when I didn't want to be there with money as my motivation and long story short I don't have a lot of money ATM. At least I didn't know about sports betting at the time or I probably would have went out like the guy on Tilt that was running a book in his dorm.
  6. I win. Barely, but I win. I barely break even, though. I'm a self punisher sometimes.
  7. I'm not sure I believe this story...Your friend's jacks ran into AA, KK, and QQ? I wonder what the chances are of that actually happening?You play this game long enough, you'll see some weird stuff. The odds being against something happening means that sometimes, it happens.
  8. Says a guy that's never seen Conquest. I'm going to buy this when I have a loose chip - not because it's great, I concede that it's not - but because I'm an aspiring film-maker myself and it looks to me like some people made the best film they could with what they had to work with.
  9. Have any of you met her? Cause I'm here to tell you, people basically look the way the editor and producer want them to look on TV. I refuse to judge any of these people until I'm playing next to them - or at leat hearing first hand stories about them.
  10. I play smaller stakes online then I do IRL. Just FTR. Also, I haven't paid Gus Hansen a dime for a pencil any time lately. The thread sort of begs the question that Gus is in fact having trouble. That kind of needs to be established as true before you can talk about why it happened. I think the WPT editors/producers DEFINATELY like to impart a little extra character to people through the hands they choose to show.
  11. "C'mon, Steve . . . we're wearing our suuuuuits. No secrets between sailors!"
  12. I keep at least: Date, Start time, end time, game structure (buy in and blinds) and the net change in my stake, and I try to make a least a quick comment on the conditions. So an entry is like4/30, 8:00pm - 2:00 AM, +$124.00, 1-2 NL ring game/online at two tables/could have done better; was reading forums too much I just keep it in an unformated notepad file, one line = one entry but a lot of people use spreadsheets or commercial software. Whenever possible I go into a little more detail, sometimes as much as keeping track of what I was drinking or listening too. I note if I play at multiple t
  13. Good call - I spaced out the antes. My reasoning stands tho.
  14. With, what, 1800 in the pot and 200 to flop, making the pot 2k, I'd say folding is not an option for me in this situation, that's the one absolute here. So then it becomes, call, raise, push. Knowing that at least one of my limpers is likely to fold, I could bet out to 2k. It is odd that none of these people attempted a steal - particularly since I am the short stack in the hand - to me that means one of them has a hand. I'd also estimate I am probably behind one of these people at this point, and any one of them can raise me all-in, putting me in hard-decisionville. Eliminate that as a cho
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