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  1. 28910108kevinoc85come rail me if you're bored. pretty decent prize pool and final table is down to 5 players.
  2. good job. not a bad showing at all
  3. make strong aggressive moves to try to get chips now that you're at the final table. hopefully the money doesn't mean too much for you and you're really playing for first because then you'll be able to pick up more pots and give yourself a better chance to win. look for opportunities to pick up pots. if the money does mean a lot, then i guess you can wait around and see if people get knocked out.don't let yourself get too short or you wont stand a chance!
  4. Daniel is up there, but my favorite pro to watch is probably Marcel Luske. He's a lot of fun to watch.
  5. consider yourself cheered on for
  6. i agree. if it's a tournament you can afford to lose, then by all means, call because you can get yourself a big stack, and if you know how to use a big stack, then you'll be in a good position to make the final table. but if it were... say the main event of the wsop, then of course i wouldn't call.
  7. chuck is my neighbor. it could be a backyard brawl. everyone can come over to my place and have a few beers while we enjoy the show.
  8. going broke is tough, and it hurts like hell, but i would take a short break first before you throw yourself back into poker in full force. when you come back, start small and build. don't get discouraged if you are losing at the limits you are at and try to move up limits to make your money back because you'll self destruct playing like that.
  9. i mostly agree. i would fold unless i was in the BB or maybe on the button, in which case i would call
  10. a lot of people will win big, then lose big. the key is minimizing your losses and maximizing your wins. if you find that you can't win at LHE or other limit games, then don't play them. stick to what you're making money at, which sounds like NLHE. g/l.
  11. Anyone who complains and bitches about a bad beat has probably been losing money lately. play how you want to play and don't let anyone get you down. everyone needs to learn sometime, and it's obvious you have already learned not to call with KJ in that situation (even though you won). just try to learn from each situation and try not to take any bad comments to heart.
  12. you could try taking a break or try playing a different game. however, if you're on tilt, don't switch from no limit to limit games. in no limit games you can get away with making crazy tilt moves, but in limit games, you'll just give away all of your chips slowly but surely.
  13. you can and SHOULD bet the river. making a value bet can never hurt. sure, maybe you wont see his hand if he folds, but each chip you can extract is valuable. who's to say he doesn't have a hand like QQ and that he wont call a small to medium bet on the end? also, if he does fold, then he doesn't get to see how you played your hand.
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