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  1. still on a mission to figure out who on FCP is RPMJon
  2. it's like someone took the 2008/2009 version of acekob and made a thread todaysweet
  3. **** this i boycottwsox before my boy psu?bullllllllllllllllshitskihas wsox ever even won a sports bet?
  4. In terms of what we can do to help this, the PPA FB page had those links to how to try to get the money back through the DOJ. I'd suggest an increase in people sending those so that the DOJ sees how much work it would be to refund and be more likely to cooperate.
  5. According to 2+2 Mod work, Seth was running shills on 2+2, including ones that offered to buy RPM money @ 75c/$1 for cash in Vegas. Seth admitted to the shills but claims the 75% buyout was to "catch people trying to charge a vig on RPM cashouts" (paraphrased). Used shills to bash on other Merge skins (as linked in the threads). Also to "try to catch under-the-table rakeback offers". Doesn't make much sense, since in his later reply (just read it) he now says he won't comment beyond he used that shill post but didn't buy any money from it.Lot of mods (Noah, ZBT, etc) posting away with evidence
  6. http://forum.parttimepoker.com/shooting-of...illing-rpm.htmlhttp://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/29/news-...counts-1105289/
  7. I believe we're looking for the differences between spin and slant.But yes that would be my suggestion.
  8. what makes a good well?brick well vs wooden well?deepness of well?steel vs wood bucket?rope vs cord pulley?
  9. which city looks more dead in winter, des moines or omaha?my money's on ****ing omaha
  10. if people would make more threads for me to troll in i could do the same in a week
  11. eric stop being Ve+ with your triple level merge
  12. in the words of goldbergYOU'RE NEXT
  13. oh lookdna managing to get leveled when there's only about 3 posts a day on the entire site
  14. also don't mind twstd, for him a trip to blackrock would be a dream trip
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