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  1. bumping a rose thread in 2022, wasn't on my bingo card
  2. why is gene and judes superior to superdawg?
  3. i fixed it to only keep the funny part in your honor
  4. who let you back in here
  5. Is it bad that reading this sentence made me angry at GWCGWC again all these years later?
  6. Looks interesting. Also, I'm just here to make Bob try and figure out what year it is.
  7. I went deeper in the same tourney. Best day in Team Sighowa history, sadly.
  8. Bob moved Featured Member to every 3 months because he knows the second he picks me, this place is officially dead.
  9. I'm recalling a certain thread with several photoshops in it. let the punting resume
  10. have you not seen any of my postsalso worst tourney play ever has to be something by mercury. how this isn't obvious by now is astounding.
  11. not as awesome as the time i did
  12. people are replying to things i said? inb4 the kobes show upreal
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